A couple weeks ago I reviewed the first season of Haikyu!! and gave quite a bit of praise. Needless to say, I was quite excited for the second season so I watched it very quickly. Did it live up to my hype?

This review will assume you have watched the first season of Haikyu!! while not spoiling the second.

The cast from the previous season returns with some new additions. The most major is the new manager that will be taking over once Shimizu leaves, Hitoka Yachi. I really like this choice as Shimizu is a calm, collected character and Yachi is a nervous wreak with very little confidence (the only reason she agreed to join was she was distracted by Shimizu’s beauty.). Not only does this give her quite a bit of development throughout the season as well as give Shimizu some development (she acts quite differently once she met Yachi).


Very quickly with the series almost all of my problems with the first series were resolved. During this season not only do a lot of the side characters get development but quite a few switches happen allowing for more than the same 7 characters to play every match. Another was the first main conflict of the show was how Karasuno got invited to a practice camp in Tokyo by Nekoma with a couple other power-house schools. The camp is during the same weekend as make-up exams so very early on we see Hinata and Kageyama having to focus on school work. This actually helps gives Yachi the confidence to join as she helped them study and Hinata helped her with her confidence issues.

The first half of the season is mainly practice games with the other schools or just practicing at Karasuno. Since these are power-house schools (from a different Prefecture) it’s likely we’ll see them again but currently a lot of the characters are mainly plot devices to force Karasuno players to grow. This however is somewhat of a fix to my final issue from the first season, how Kageyama and Hinata learn their super quick too fast. Obviously players are going to figure out how to counter it but this entire half if essentially all the players (including Hinata and Kageyama) learning new moves or improving ones such as Yamaguchi and Asahi’s serves, Nishinoya learning basic setting or Kageyama learning to control exactly where his sets go. If this was a 12 or 13 episode series this would be the entire season which might seem like it will be very draggy but it wasn’t. At no point did I want them to hurry along and get the the tournament.


Speaking of the tournament that takes up the second half of the series it’s just as hype inducing as the one from the previous season. Seeing the plays the new teams use and Karasuno have to deal with both that, as well as mistakes and injuries they experience to make it through. There is one rematch however since 2 teams are playing for that role as a plot point I won’t mention with who (although it should be obvious).

The visuals were great but pretty much the same as the last season. The music was also the same for the most part. I did find the second OP to not be as good as the rest though still good in its own right. The EDs were also both pretty good. I really liked the visuals in the second one.

I really don’t have any complaints to list aside from one not-as-amazing OP. Haikyu!! 2 basically is a continuation of Haikyu!! with everything fixed. If you liked the first one you have no reason not to check this one out due to that.

Haikyu!! 2 receives a 9.5/10 from Blazekick.

Written by: Conor

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