Harmonia to Have a Simultaneous Release?


The above picture was taken from rubycosmos Instagram page which appears to be the back of a magazine not only advertising Sekai Project’s upcoming English Steam release of Clannad (also confirming a $39.99 price tag similar to that of The Fruit of Grisaia) but also Key’s upcoming 15th Anniversary title Harmonia releasing with English text and Japanese voices on Steam for $14.99.

That tagline near the bottom mentions:

In commemoration of 15th anniversary of Key, “Harmonia” will be released in English worldwide on Steam, even before its release in Japan!

which seems a little weird.

It has also been noted that Sekai Project is mentioned in the Clannad portion but no where to be seen in the Harmonia portion. This could mean Key or Visual Arts is doing it themselves and if that’s the case I really hope they have someone good at translating (the person running the VisualArtsUSA Facebook page seems pretty good).

This is big news as this is the first major visual novel company I can think of that is releasing their game in English as well at launch and I hope this continues to become a trend as companies like NEKO WORKS appear to have seen success with the Nekopara series releasing worldwide simultaneously.

Written by: Conor

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