Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto Review

Through my time reviewing anime on Blazekick I’ve had series where I’ve read the source as well as many where I haven’t. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto is probably the first time I’ve read 3/4 of the manga meaning 3/4 of the anime was familiar to me but I was blind for the last quarter which was a first for me. I picked-up the manga on a whim due to the amount of people that seemed to be enjoying Seven Seas’ release and have been buying them as they release in English. Obviously I enjoy the manga but do I think Deen did a good job bringing the story to anime format?

The story follows a first year named Sakamoto who can get pretty much any girl he wants (although he appears to have no interest) and all the guys hate him for it. He seemingly has the ability to defy physics and warp time and space to his will. Each episode is usually comprised of smaller one-offs that involve Sakamoto solving some problem is a funny way. Through the story we meet pretty much his entire class but most aren’t too important. Sakamoto has a friend, a (extremely unpopular) boy named Yoshinobu Kubota who changes his hair cut frequently through the series. Atsushi Maeda is the only other character worth noting who pretty much serves as the rival character.


The comedy was all one point with none of the jokes falling flat. The series shares a director with Gintama in Shinji Takamatsu and it shows. The visuals pretty much look like the manga but a little more detailed which is great since I love the manga’s art. The soundtrack and voice acting were really good too. The opening’s visuals were kind of bland though. It was basically animating images (sometimes barely) used on chapter title pages in the manga and adding a colour over it making the entire screen black and blue or green which is a bit disappointing.


Written by: Conor

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