Highschool Romance Review

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We follow a boy named Shoji whose parents accidentally (or maybe not!) transferred him to a girl’s school. The principal decides since Shoji looks feminine anyway he can just wear girl’s clothing and all will be fine! The only other girls you interact with at all are Hoshi who is the class president and can’t hold her liquor and Selina who is the star of the track team. Aside from those two and the principal (Ms. Rowen) I don’t think anyone else talks. There’s a few times where Shoji mentions waiting until the changeroom is empty so none of the girls find out but there’s very little interaction.

The story was interesting but a bit of a let down. I thought going in there’d be some comedic scenes with the other girls almost finding out and Shoji quickly finding a cover up or excuse to leave but that didn’t really happen until near the end and at that point it was only a matter of time before he revealed anyway. I was never bored during my time which was good though. I also liked all the characters quite a bit.



The graphic style looks like something from a western cartoon which I liked. Nice to get a change in style now and again! The CGs also were nice but I found some odd choices. There’s 6 pretty much right at once that relate to Shoji and Ms. Rowen trying on underwear but the fireworks scene had none with us just looking at their sprites with the nice sunny sky for the nighttime fireworks. Speaking of sprites aside from Shoji’s I don’t think any ever changed facial expression. They had different clothing sprites but not facial. Also speaking of CG you can see them all as soon as you open the game. This wouldn’t be a big deal but there’s a giant camera button on the title screen which of course made me curious so I clicked it. This ruins the feeling of accomplishment I normally get when seeing a CG because anyone who has the game can see them all.



The music was nice. It’s lucky this is a short game or it might start getting tiring though. The characters were also unvoiced but I think in this case it actually improves sound. Reason is with the art style I would find Japanese voices really out of place and I find myself often getting annoyed when a game has some parts with dialogue I can understand and others with nothing at all meaning unless everything was 100% voiced I’d dislike English voices.

Written by: Conor

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