Hyrule Warriors Review

hyrule-warrios-banner-artwork-officialHyrule Warriors is a game Featuring characters from The Legend of Zelda Series, in a “Dynasty Warriors” like gameplay environment. While the game strays from being your “Traditional” Legend of Zelda game, it makes for a fun adventure using your favorite characters from the series to destroy large hoards of enemies.


2667759-5570501596-HyrulThe game plays almost identical to Omega Force’s “Warriors” series’, but with some Zelda twists, which makes for a unique adventure unlike other games made by Omege Force. While games like Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors have you fight a massive army with a goal of taking out the army’s general or keeping one of allies safe in each level, Hyrule Warriors does almost the same but offers Zelda like bosses to make the levels more interesting.

Alright now to stop comparing the game to the Warriors series’ and time start focusing on the unique parts of Hyrule Warriors. Hyrule Warriors offers you 4  different modes that provide you with many hours of gameplay. The first mode that I would like to talk about is Legend Mode, Legend Mode is a mode where you play through  an original story line featuring, Link the Hero of Time, facing off against a new antagonist ,Cia. Cia is a dark Sorceress trying gather all three pieces of the triforce in order to gain its power. Legend mode provides with about 10 hours of gameplay and an interesting story to follow, though the levels are just typical Warriors type levels, its still fun.

140916_28827_WiiU_HyruleWarriors_63_Adventure_Mode_07The second mode I would like to mention is Adventure Mode, which places you on a map like the original Legend of Zelda map. On the map, you move your 8-bit character through squares to unlock unique weapons and items. Each square contains a short battle with a simple objective, once completing your objective you get an item or weapon. To be able to traverse all of the squares you must complete Legend Mode, so I would recommend playing that first.

The third mode is challenge mode which lets you play as any character of your choice and go through the difficult challenges to unlock items, weapons, and gain experience. The last mode is Free Mode, in Free Mode you can choose any of the levels you’ve played in Legend Mode while using any character of your choice. With the game offering these four modes it provides for a lengthy, fun play-through that I’ve enjoyed every moment of.


The soundtrack for this game is quite frankly “Fucking amazing” in my opinion.The game features original Zelda tracks mixed into Metal songs, and also features your generic Warriors battle songs. While the generic warriors songs are nothing special, the metal Zelda mixes are always an enjoyable listen. I personally would love to have this game’s soundtrack on my phone to listen to throughout my daily activities.


hyrule-warriors-lana-agithaWhile Nintendo never focuses too much on a game’s graphics, Omega Force certainly made an effort to make this game have beautiful graphics. The game’s graphics are quite pretty to look at,has a smooth frame rate and great lighting effects to make the areas an enjoyable sight. Though the graphics don’t compare to current gen consoles like PS4 and Xbox One due to the Wii u’s graphical limits, I’d say the graphics are still beautiful.

Written by: KidSanada