inFAMOUS Second Son: Review


This game. This game! I bought a Playstation 4 specifically for this game. I didn’t really like inFAMOUS 1 but I enjoyed inFAMOUS 2. When I first saw they were making a new inFAMOUS game for the PS4 I was pumped but kinda sad. I’m not going to spoil inFAMOUS 2 but they couldn’t bring Cole back so I was wondering what they would do. I then found out after watching the trailer it wasn’t Cole and the new character didn’t use Electricity. So fast forward a year later and how do I finally feel after getting to play it?


The story follows a new character named Delsin Rowe. He is a graffiti artist belonging to the Akomish reservation. Early on you learn Delsin’s brother, Reggie,  is the sheriff of their reservation and as he is scolding Delsin on his latest tagging job a truck comes crashing towards you and two figures run off, while one is trapped. Delsin rescues him but Reggie shows up the now known to be conduit “Hank” drains some smoke from the crash and Delsin tries stopping him from attacking his brother. It turns out Delsin is a conduit (now called Bio-Terrorists) and has the ability not many have to be able to absorb powers from other conduits and be able to use them. After chasing Hank and saving Delsin’s friend Betty from a fire you meet up with Augustine, the main antagonist of the story. Augustine is the head of the Department of Unified Protection (or The D.U.P.) who are out to catch all the Bio-Terrorists. She finds out Delsin is a conduit (or not depending on if you are going good or evil) and sticks concrete into everyone’s legs (as she puts “fighting fire with fire”) Delsin learns the only way to get them out is with concrete power which means he either needs to bring Augustine, or her power. Delsin and Reggie head out to Seattle to find her and the main story begins.

If you’ve ever played an inFAMOUS game before this one should feel just fine to you. If you haven’t you really don’t need to know much about them to understand what is going on. Basically you play as a human with super powers in an open-world sandbox style game. Delsin’s starting ability is smoke, although is gets three others throughout the story at required points no matter which karma you are playing. The main enemies of the game are D.U.P. agents which are littered all over Seattle. One of the ways to cut down on them is to complete the District Showdown. You unlock this by first taking out mobile units which are heavily guarded then drop the district controlled percent to below 30. You can do this by completing side-missions in the district such as finding secret agents, draining blast shards and spray painting (don’t get the last one but whatever). Once this is done no more D.U.P. agents will be in that specific area.

There are tons of other things to do such as earning karma in either direction, clearing out districts completely, upgrading powers, and more. Speaking of powers you have quite a few. Delsin will gain 4 different abilities throughout the game and each one can do pretty nifty things. One allows you to run straight up buildings, one will let you fly for a brief period of time and the attacks. You have a couple different means of attacking. Pushing R2 will do a normal attack, L1 will do a confusion style attack (confuses or hides you from the enemy), R1 is the heavy attack (such as missiles) and Square lets you melee.

My only issues where it relied on the Touch Pad a little too often. You held it to drain power, swiped to open doors and gates among other miscellaneous things. You also had motion controlling with the spray paintings (turn the controller sideways, shake, aim while holding R2). While I didn’t have and response issues the touch felt a little awkward at first and it got tiring to turn my controller sideways and paint with it that way.


This game looks amazing. I was staring at just basic puddles wanting to see the with all the lighting effects the day had to offer. The Smoke and Neon effects also look amazing. The frame rate seemed fairly smooth and I didn’t notice any slow down at any points, the cut-scenes were all synced up with nothing looking out of place. The graphic style also looks different from inFAMOUS 2 but I can quite say how. It’s not resolution it just is different. If a game released in the first year of the PS4’s life looks this amazing I can’t wait to see in a year or two.


inFAMOUS: Second Son was an amazing game. It looked great, played great and was definitely worth purchasing a PS4 for. I’m still working on my evil playthrough but half-way through my good I knew I was in love with it! I’d strongly suggest if you own a PS4 getting this game and if you get a PS4 in the future picking it up as well.

Gameplay: 9

Graphics: 9.5

Overall: 9.5/10

Written by: Conor

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