Injustice: Gods Among Us Review

injustice__gods_among_us___wallpaper_by_squiddytron-d5yslvsDeveloper(s): NetherRealm Studios, High Voltage Software (PS4 & PC) Armature Studio (PSVita)

Publisher(s): Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Platform(s):Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360;

Injustice was one of those games that I never thought I’d see. Growing up I watched the animated Justice League show and all the D.C. movies that were released time and time again. But after see the games they released for Justice League,Superman,Aquaman,etc. Other than the Arkham series and DC Universe Online, no DC based game really caught my attention. But when Injustice Gods Among was announced it got my attention pretty quickly. But It was quickly shot down when my brother spoke words of the future,

“The game will be “meh” and competitive play will be utter crap due to Superman spamming lasers”


But was he right about that? Lets find out.

  • Gameplay/Story

Injustice_TGS_3 It’s become a common thing lately where most fighting games try to incorporate some sort of story to go along with the game. Probably to make it worth the price tag they put on it. But of course, DC doesn’t pass up an opportunity to make a story for there beloved fighting games. Well Lead Designer, John Edwards, manages to crap out a very “Meh” story and elongate it for awhile. I’ll try not to spoil too much but the story here goes as such.

In an alternate universe, Joker tricks Superman into killing Lois Lane and their unborn child and pretty much destroying all of Metropolis. Superman kills Joker and then tries to become ruler of the planet. But in the normal time line of the Justice League, Joker’s Plan fails, Joker and almost all of the Justice League are transported to the alternate dimension and are now trying to stop that worlds/dimension Superman from taking over the world.

I know the story sounds kind of cool in concept but the fact is I’m leaving out some major plot points and the fact that people take a pill that allows them to basically withstand the attacks of superman. If it weren’t just something thrown into the game, I wouldn’t mind it so much. The story is just in fact “meh” I’ll admit I found myself semi invested into the story. But after the same cycle of Cut scene into battle intro into fight etc. repeat 3-4 times with the same character and then it switches to a new characters.  It just gets boring after a while. They have some sort of mini game segments that are neat but nothing that lasts for longer than a minute.

There are 34 playable characters in the game but I need to question DC and ask them could they really not find anyone better than Killer Frost and Doomsday to put in this game. I can’t honestly say that Superman(Before he got NERFED) wasn’t top tier, because he was. The story isnt all that great, the controls are fine but it’ll take time to get use to the wagers and learning combos. This isn’t a game where you can go in button mashing and really come out on top against a player who knows what there’s doing.

  • Graphics

Injustice-Gods-Among-Us-Small1The graphics look great, nothing spectacular, there really wasn’t any reason for the developers to port it to the PS4. The game looks fine on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. I can barely see a different from the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game.Also I can’t vouch for the PlayStation Vita since I didn’t buy it on the vita as most fighting games are terrible on the Vita (Just my opinion/experience, Let me know if you know any good fighting games on the Vita)

  • Sound

The sound for this game is actually alright at times. As well as most of the Justice League voice actors returned to the game to voice their respected characters thanks to Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray serving as consultants for the game. The music it’s self is very stereo typical epic music to accompany the action packed battles. It’s nothing that I would rush to my computer to put on my iPod or even redeem if I received a code when I bought the game.

  • Overall

The game was very lack luster in the story department. Besides some moments of interest and some plot twists, the game barely kept my attention. The online community is filled with Scorpion and Aqua-man players since they are cheap characters to play and I can easily see the community for the game dying in a couple months but you never know with this type of thing.

 Gameplay/Story: 6.5

Graphics: 7.0



Written by: Zetus Lapetus Jafar