Keijo!!!!!!!! Review

“Sometimes it’s fun to watch things for the sole-purpose of bashing them” that was what I was thinking when I picked up Keijo!!!!!!!!, but little did I know I wouldn’t keep watching to bash it on Twitter. I’d keep watching to cheer on Nozomi and the rest of the cast.
Keijo is a new sport in the future which features girls fighting in swimwear but with a catch; they can only use their butts and busts to attack. The goal is to either make your opponent unable to stand or knock them in the water. From this concept alone there’s probably no one who was expecting a sports anime that could rival two seasons of Haikyu for best sports show of the year but that’s what we got.

For the most part the cast is nothing special for a sports show. We have Nozomi Kaminashi who fills the typical role of the sports protagonist we’ve all seen a million times. Inspired to get into the sport after seeing a match or player and deciding that’s what they need to do, doesn’t have experience in the sport but pulls from somewhere else (her case: being a gymnast) the become a strong player really quickly. Sayaka Miyata starts off seeming like a rival character but is on the same side as Nozomi (more so in the manga), Non Toyuguchi is the one that looks weak and isn’t the best but has luck on her side, and Kazane Aoba is the one that keeps losing that we’ll eventually see do some training and she’ll get her redemption later in the series (doesn’t happen within the anime and I haven’t read far enough in the manga to know if it will be there). The characters are nothing special but I’ve never cared about that in sports anime, it’s more about the interactions and moves the characters have.
Keijo!!!!!!!! excels in both areas. The four I listed play off each other really well and the side characters are also just as fun. It is a bit of a trope of the genre but I liked seeing characters that go from enemies to partners later in the series when matches start being more than 1v1.
The moves are also really interesting. There’s basic ones but every character has a unique special move be it setting their butt on fire burning their opponents, twisting their boobs to make their nipples like drills or even just winding up super powerful butt attacks. The amount of moves and strategy used makes this seem like a real sport some mangaka was a fan of and decided to make a manga for like Haikyu or Days.
There was also surprisingly little steam or light bars being used as censorship which is always nice. Instead angles would be off so areas weren’t visible or hair would fall over the nipples. I’m not sure if hair was moved and angles changes on the AT-X broadcast or home releases but it was certainly nice actually being able to see the show without half the screen being black or white because there’s a nipple taking up a couple pixels.
The animation was nothing special. Strong moves had more detail put into them but the rest was pretty standard. It wasn’t bad or anything just nothing great here. Soundtrack was also ok. The opening and ending songs were really catchy though. Voice acting was also good but nothing special.

Written by: Conor

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