Key and Aniplex Announce new Anime “Charlotte”



A few weeks ago Key announced they’d had a special announcement on December 22nd relating to Angel Beats! and a new project. Earlier that happened on Key gave preview to a new anime titled “Charlotte”. It is in collaboration with Aniplex with the animation done by P.A. Works (Previously did animation for Angel Beats!), characters done by Na-Ga (has helped with most of Key’s works but has mainly done Angel Beats! and Little Busters! projects) and scenario by Jun Maeda (Wrote pretty much every Key story with help from different people). The anime is currently set to air sometime in 2015 (probably not the upcoming winter season if you were hoping!) and other than that we know nothing. I did see a “2” surrounded by Kanji so it might be saying it lasts 2 quarters (meaning 20-30 episodes) however I can’t read the Kanji and no one else has commented on that so don’t take it as fact. If you would like to check out the official site click here (although be warned, it’s all Japanese) and if you want to watch the preview click here (aside from the music or if you can read Japanese there’s nothing that I didn’t put in this article though) and stay tuned to for more news on Charlotte and eventually, our review!

Written by: Conor

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