Kid Icarus Uprising Review [3DS]


You’d think the series of Kid Icarus was dead when, just 27 years ago, Pit went on his first adventure to save Palutena from Medusa’s clutches. Now, in the vibrant future of 2012, Kid Icarus Uprising was released. The game was huge talk during 2010’s E3, arguably one of the biggest E3’s for Nintendo in recent history. Now that the game has been released, it has become a saving grace for the Nintendo 3DS’s limited library. The game is changed drastically from its original Metroid original. Now, It’s in 3D, you have unique weapon drops, weapon fusing, weapon modifies, and 9 different weapon classes ranging from the Long Ranged superior Staffs, to Claws, Orbitals, Blades, Palms, Clubs, Cannons, Arms, and Pit’s Signature weapon, Bows.

Gameplay:  9

Pit’s levels [Split Into Chapters] have been divided into Flight and Land sections. In the Flight Sections, Pit, an angel, can’t fly     by himself [Might as well call him a human at that point] , He has Palutena give him the power of flight. She is the one who controls your flight pattern while you, the player holding your silky console, control Pit on the screen. The Power of Flight is given a time limit of only 5 minutes, then Pit’s wings will burn up.  During flight, you fight as Pit in shooting down enemies’ ala Star Fox. Depending on what of the 9 weapon classes you chose, you can have an easier or harder time hitting things in this section. You’re at a fixed range from your enemies, so things like a Club could be difficult to score hits on, but deal massive amounts of damage.


The Land Sections consist of Pit running in a Third Person, behind the back shooter perspective ala Star Fox Assault [See the similarities?] Pit’s main goal in these sections is to get to end of the level and defeat the boss. In the level you can find chests containing food for health restoration, hearts for currency, weapons, power ups, or actual powers you can use during land sections. The weapons will always be different due to their modifiers, ranks, and values. Outside of the levels, you can use the hearts you obtain from enemies and random chests to buy weapons or just donate them to Palutena. Before you enter a level, you can use the hearts you collect too raise the intensity, making you get more hearts, but you are very squishy toward enemy fire. I give the gameplay an 9 because it’s very engaging, but on hire difficulties can get very intense. The only problem you may have is figuring out the correct control style for you. Luckily for you picky gamers, the game has every action bindable and has preset control settings. Try one that fits best.

Graphics:  10


The graphics are just gorgeous. You have to see them on a 3DS to really get the full affect. The 3D makes the background and foreground blend in so well to create an impressive environment.  I personally set the 3D on when I saw the best looking areas. This, to me, is one of the best looking games on the 3DS.

Audio: 10

The audio is superb. Everything is orchestrated and fits perfectly for the situation. If something sad happens, you can hear violins that add emotion and may make you shed a tear. If something epic happens, you hear a rightly timed guitar rift to prepare you for the incoming battle.

Overall: 9.5

If you have not played this game yet, you are truly missing out. It is a story/gameplay filled enjoyment experience you will enjoy from the time you pick it up until the time your 3DS gives out from low battery life *ZING*

Written by: Justin Walker