Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Release Date Revealed

During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo announced that Kirby and the Rainbow Curse will release in North America on February 20, 2015.

Nintendo showed a new gameplay trailer during the presentation that featured the game’s amiibo support.

Once per day, players will be able to use their Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Deedede amiibo to power up Kirby. The Kirby amiibo will let players use Kirby’s star dash whenever they want without having to collect the usual 100 stars. The King Deedede amiibo will give Kirby a matching hat, plus six health bars instead of the normal four. Finally, the Meta Knight amiibo will give Kirby a Meta Knight’s mask and it will increase his tap dash speed.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse will be available at retailers and on the Wii U eShop on Feb. 20.

Written by: Armando Orona

Aspiring journalist, College student with a dream of writing about video games for a living.