Koufuku Graffiti (Gourmet Girl Graffiti) Review


I like food. I can’t cook very well and usually go for taste over looks as no one I cook for really cares about appearance in their food. Sometimes I like seeing what people who can cook make though, and while I do sometimes watch cooking competitions and the like I can never shake the feeling of how the judges often take like 1 bite and the rest probably ends up in the landfill. Now I’m pretty much stuck with fictional stuff (probably not the best idea) which pretty much leaves me with manga and anime as cooking games generally either suck or don’t give me what I want. In the hype for Food Wars! starting this upcoming season I found another, more calmer, cooking anime to hold me off. Let’s see how it turned out!



GGG is actually kind of hard to review in a story sense as each episode has very little to do with each other. Basically we follow 3 middle school girls, Ryou Machiko, Kirin Morino and Shiina (not good enough for a first name I guess) as they go to an art (drawing not cooking) prep-school to try and get into a high-end art school. We start off with Ryou living pretty much on her own (her aunt is supposed to live with her but is too busy to come home most days) mourning her late grandmother and finding ever since her grandmother has passed she’s been unable to cook properly. This changes when Ryou’s aunt tells her that her second cousin Kirin is going to start going to the same prep-school as Ryou and will be staying with her on weekends. At first Ryou is worried but as anyone would predict, they end up becoming close. They also make friends with another girl at the prep-school, Shiina. Ryou was friends with Shiina previously but it does seem they get closer too (probably due to Ryou opening up more). That’s actually pretty much it. There are minor characters but I don’t think anyone besides these 3 appears in more than 4 or 5 episodes which is actually kind of weird.

If you follow my Twitter or Tumblr you’ll probably know I love the writing in this show. There’s just something about it that makes it so funny while not going over the top and kept my interest, including some of the more boring concepts. Every school life anime has a studying/exams episode and most pull that off with jokes relating to procrastinating so that isn’t too surprising but we have an episode where Kirin is unable to come Shiina’s sick and we follow Ryou trying to waste time. Sure she does stuff (and we get some backstory of her grandma) but on paper that sounds like the most boring concept but was actually one of my favourite episodes. Something else I’ll pride the show on (won’t affect the score at all just really want to mention it) We have a show with 3 female leads, the only male character of note is Kirin’s dad, they all have orgasms when they eat, excepting tons of panty shots? There’s none! (at least I can’t remember any and I feel it’s a little too soon for a re-watch to go back and check) there was an episode with Kirin and Ryou in a bath together (including a joke about “flat-chested Kirin stopping perverts from looking at Ryou) but it never got close to even showing anything, something I will commend the writers/animators for.



The visuals are great. Each episode is bright and colourful (except when it’s raining but it still doesn’t look depressing) and everything pops. The animation is all fluid with no stuttering that I could see. Overall the anime is just like Ryou’s dishes, nice to look at (and would probably smell good if we could smell what she’s cooking). There’s not much to comment on here.



The voice actors all do a pretty good job. I didn’t find any annoying and thought they all fit the characters they portrayed. The music is sadly, forgettable. The only tracks I can think of off the top of my head are the OP (which is amazing) and the next episode preview (again amazing with Chibi Kirin and Ryou humming and incredibly catchy tune joined by any characters who had involvement in that episode). I can’t even recall a single tune off the top of my head I didn’t list which is a huge clash.

Written by: Conor

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