Kuttsukiboshi (Stars Intertwined) Review


I ran into this anime the same way I do most, someone on Tumblr reblogged a funny photo-set or GIF and it intrigued me for whatever reason. This particular one (can’t find the exact one and the only I can find used different subs) was two girls talking about ice cream flavors when one says “I want it to taste like you pu—-“(not me censoring, she gets cut-off in the anime too). Lot’s of anime use jokes like this so I clicked on the tag that included it’s name, copied and read the summary on MyAnimeList.net before deciding this seemed interesting then added it to my backlog. As I went back to Tumblr to continue browsing before hitting back I noticed this post (NSFW language). I double checked and it’s MyAnimeList page didn’t list “hentai” and only listed “Shoujo Ai” (Girl Love) instead of “Yuri” (Generally hentai but a more sexual version of Girl Love). This got my incredibly confused and extremely curious as to which was right, to my surprise, both were!




The story follows two girls named Kiiko Kawakami and Aaya Saitou. Kiiko has psychic powers (telekinesis to be specific) and for a reason I don’t believe is properly explained only confides it in Aaya, the new student who Kiiko has a crush on (I’m guessing that’s the reason but if I was Kiiko I’d be worried about scaring Aaya away). Aaya helps her train on a fairly regular basis and one day while they’re relaxing under a tree Kiiko thinks Aaya is asleep and leans in for the kiss, then the life altering event when Aaya moves, Kiiko is about to back out and Aaya kisses Kiiko. The next few scenes are mainly these two making out in different places around the school (even leading to sex a lot of the time) and this gets to one of the main reasons I wanted to review this anime. The most common place I see sexual interactions in media is visual novels. For the most part those are there purely to be erotic and often don’t fit with how you’d actually expect the characters to act with each other (think of Key specifically) now here comes an anime with two female characters and what does it do? Makes it so they obviously have sex but doesn’t show anything. Even when you see them naked the camera generally doesn’t show low enough to need to even bother with “hair or steam censorship” (every anime fan’s favourite type!) that often. (not sure if it ever actually uses steam) Instead of the sex being there for erotic purposes (I’m sure it was partially there for this reason) it not only shows these two character’s relationship but develops them as characters in ways I’m not sure would be possible without them.


Not wanting to spoil episode 1 I’ll skip to episode 2 (it’s a 2 episode show) and say episode 1 ended with Kiiko and Aaya getting in a fight over something major Aaya didn’t want Kiiko to see. This leads to them not talking which causes Aaya to snap (even though she seems sane her actions lead me to believe she snapped) and leads to most of the events from that post above. Before going on I think you should know, I love emotional anime and feel it’s better to go in without knowing it’s coming. While I’m trying to be as vague as possible you might want to skip to the next paragraph from here if you feel the same way. Anyway, Kiiko is somehow able to read Aaya’s memories and see the event that caused them to fight wasn’t Aaya’s fault and then using the charm (a charm Aaya gave to Kiiko to try and separate, it’s important and symbolism but I wasn’t able to figure out how to include it in my summary) and her powers she teleports to Aaya (I guess not just telekinesis then) and they cry in an airplane bathroom before Kiiko takes them out and I’ll stop here.

There are a few flaws I need to point out, mostly with episode 2. For one the pacing is not so good for some reason. They drag on the fight part then rush things later on. Maybe they should have made a third episode or a movie instead (I do think the ending was perfect though). The other is while the bondage or rape are going on, why doesn’t Kiiko untie the rope or move Aaya with her powers? She lightly throws things after a while but it seems like she forgot she had them for plot convenience (it never says she forgot about them she just goes from not using them to not using them for anything useful) which is bad.



Just looking at screens you could be excused thinking this was made by Kyoto Animation. It looks amazing and the lighting effects are incredible. I also love despite having far more nudity than a PG-13 anime, the lack of “oh her hair just happens to cover her nipples!” or “Man good thing this steam cloud just happens to be here!” is certainly welcome. The character designs are also very well done.



The music was all really nice. I love the opening and ending songs too. I can’t think of any background music I didn’t like either. None of it was outstanding but fit without being bad. The voice actors also fit really well. I was sad when I learned Aaya’s has no other roles as I really liked her voice. I can’t say I have any complaints in this department.

Written by: Conor

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  • I_AintOkay

    Overall, nice review.

    I agree the series would have been better if it had a third episode or was just a movie. However, I didn’t think the breakup/fight part was “dragged on” exactly; it’s not like Kiiko and Aaya were going to make up in two minutes. Still, I admit the series could have been executed more satisfactorily if it had been at least a little longer.

    I disagree with the other “flaw” you mentioned for the second episode: Kiiko didn’t “forget” that she had powers during the bondage scene. She panicked and tried resisting by throwing stuff around, but then Aaya kissed her and she suddenly stopped using her powers and relaxed. Kiiko later mentioned they stayed in that gym storage room for days and Aaya even took off her restraints. Even if Kiiko was hurt and upset, she still loved Aaya. Kiiko obviously didn’t *want* to resist any further.