Lewd Warfare on Patreon



Lewd Warfare is a match 3 RPG being created by Ironstorm and crew. As the title implies this will be 18+ however the Patreon states “We’re aiming to make a game featuring lewd content which is also at its core, a fundamentally good game. As we want it to stand on its own two feet even without the adult content- the content itself will be just a part of the experience.” and I have been informed they will make a version on Steam. Currently there are 4 factions (similar to races or classes in other RPGs) announced with Hybrid Humanoids, Elves, Amazonians, Mages and there is a promise for more. Each faction will have 4 unique characters and 1 leader as well as all being depicted with full body unique art. If you would like to read more about the project, the people working on it or donate you can check out the Patreon page here. (It is safe for work).


Written by: Conor

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