The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Review


Majora’s Mask 64 was one of the strangest and, of course, darkest Zelda games in its franchise. This strange and weird adventure lets players experience the end of the world again and again. This dark twist in the Zelda series received very little credit when it first came out. However, that is not the case now. The 3Ds remake of the game released on February 13 of this year and had an amazing hype. Now I got to experience the iconic game all over again and boy once again I was not disappointed and was so worth the revisit.


Gameplay: For anyone that has ever played Majora’s Mask knows just how dark and grim this title can be. However, this heart-wrenching story is nothing less than enjoyable. Characters (other than Link of course) have very interesting back-stories that you unravel as you progress throughout the game. Also Majora’s Mask 3D really through a curve ball at Zelda fans when it was first released on the 64 due to the 72 hour time clock you have to save the world. This huge change in the series makes players strategize like never before. The challenging aspect of the game has players beating dungeons in  3-days time as well as side quests and events leading up to the dungeons. Just like in the previous title though there are ways to make your travels easier such as playing the song of time backwards in order to make time go by slower. Previous titles have not included anything like this before and for any long time Zelda fan it just makes it all the more fun as well as difficult.


One addition that helped the Majora’s Mask adventure that was not previously introduced in the 64 versions is the updated Bomber’s Notebook. In the 3D version players receive a Bomber’s Notebook early on in the game just like before. However this time characters schedules are added to your notebook every time you meet a new one. If you’ve played the game before you know just how tough it was to remember when to do what and exactly the correct time. Sometimes it would take me several tries to get to where I needed to be. This aspect makes the game more enjoyable and a little less frustrating.


Majora’s Mask also introduces a new way to move around the world as Link. Most of your power and abilities to progress through the game come from the 24 masks that you can collect. From rolling around as a Goron, to flying in the air as a Deku Scrub, and even the Zora mask that lets you zip through the water let players view Link in a whole new way. This new addition to the series proves to be very successful and gives players a whole new way to play from the traditional find items in a chest and use those to complete the dungeons, but of course players still receive them in MM as well.

However, among this great title lies a very unsatisfying feature. Swimming in this game was just plainly awful. It proved to be more challenging than it really had to be and was just more of a hassle than fun.


Another thing that Majora’s Mask does extremely well is providing players with memorable bosses and an interesting way to battle them. Even though MM only have four overall dungeons the boss fights at the end are what really counted. Using the three major masks to defeat your enemy was just satisfying. This gives players new creative ways to defeat enemies and it does not disappoint in the slightest.

Majora’s Mask also will fill player’s time with all the fun side quests that the game features. From helping save Romine Ranch to giving a “hand” to the hand in the toilet bowl this title has some of the most weird and interesting mission to say the least. Also the 3D remake provides a new side quest that was introduced in Ocarina of Time where you can now fish. One thing that is differentiated in this title is the ability to catch different fish that you could not in OOT. Overall, I got slightly a little more enjoyment out of these side quests than I did the main dungeons. Piecing together the characters backgrounds proved to be depressing however it does not stop it from being fun.

Of course throughout your adventure as Link there is the infamous and terrifying death Moon in the sky following you wherever you turn next, because having strange dungeons just isn’t complete without a grinning moon waiting to destroy Termina. The moon definitely adds to the depressing nature that Majora’s Mask brings and trust me when I say it looks better than ever in the 3D title.

Graphics: Majora’s Mask 3D looks so much better with it’s enhanced graphic display. Termina is still just as colorful and dream-like as before, but now looks better than ever with the HD port. The use of 3D in this game just adds to the overall quality of the gameplay style. Textures are improved like never before and as stated before the Moon looks even more terrifying now. The original game of course was a strange graphic style for that time, and looks even better on the 3Ds hardware (of course still strange). With the improved graphics we still receive that same sadness as before, but that is just what makes Termina beautiful in it’s on way.


Sound: The music also adds to the gloomy nature of the game. The music was gorgeous and fun to listen to in the original, and well nothing new with the 3D remake. Literally though nothing new was touched on with the music. I would have at least like to have heard some different melodies or even one new tune, but players will not be hearing anything new with the 3Ds title. However, the music provides some of the best songs in the franchise.

Written by: Brooklyn Ealey