Microsoft Introduces the Xbox One Elite


Yesterday, Microsoft revealed a brand new console, named Xbox One Elite after the Xbox 360 Elite, which includes an updated look and new hardware.

First off, the new console has a matte finish, much like Xbox 360 consoles, instead of the typical glossy coating we’ve come to expect from Xbox One consoles. The Elite console also includes a 1 TB of storage, which isn’t new, but, on a more technical note, it’s called the Solid State Hybrid Drive. Now, this drive allows the user to potentially download up to 20% faster from the power-saving mode.

On top of that, it includes the new Xbox Elite Wireless controller. This controller, revealed at E3, is made for the heavy gamer featuring an interchangeable directional pad, responsive triggers, and loads of other customizable features.

Starting on November 4th, the console will be available at GameStop and Microsoft stores for $499 (USD). It will release later in November for the rest of the world in various retailers.

Written by: GeminiTrinity

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