Minecraft with Microsoft HoloLens Reveal

A new version of Minecraft was introduced today during Microsoft’s E3 2015 conference. The new version will be featured on Microsoft’s HoloLens VR technology. With the HoloLens players can play Minecraft on any flat surface, such as a wall or table. During the demo a team member from Mojang walked around a table to show different angles and views of the world. Also with the HoloLens players will be able to view the inside of buildings, grab the world, and zoom in and out on command. Another feature is that the HoloLens will feature voice commands. During the demo the team member called a lighting strike to strike a specific area.

The HoloLens version will be compatible with he PC version of the game so players with or without HoloLens can experience the same world. More on the HoloLens version of Minecraft will be revealed at MineCon 2015 in London on July 4-5, 2015.

Written by: Brooklyn Ealey