Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Review


Monster Girls are really popular in one corner of the internet and despised in the other. I didn’t have any real opinion and noticed there were two airing this season. I noticed this one seemed to have the same style of humor as Medaka Box (a series I enjoyed as a manga) and Nisekoi combined so I decided to give “Everyday Life with Monster Girls” a shot.



We follow a young man named Kimihito Kurusu. If you have seen the show and didn’t know that I wouldn’t blame you as I only found out when getting spelling for another character’s name. Through the show he’s mostly referred to as Darling-kun, which I’ll be using in this review if that makes you feel better. Anyway, in this world there exists many different types of monster combined with humans. Obviously since this is a harem (and the title) we’re only going to be running into girls but there are males. Darling has a lamia (half snake, half human) from the cultural exchange program named Miia. She is the closest thing in this to the “childhood friend” in most harem (not just because she’s the first but her personality fits this character type better than any other). Since she’s so big Darling had to make upgrades to his house. Our next monster is Papi the Harpy (Hapi the Parpy?) who is half bird, half human. Being half bird means she has bird powers with one being losing her memory every 3 steps (which only happened once in the show when she was first introduced and never again). Third is Centorea Shianus who is a centaur (do you really need this one explained?) which of course gives her a noble personality treating Darling as if she were a servant. Next is a slime girl who ends up being named Suu. She can take a humanoid shape as well as shape shift to other humanoids, stretch and mimic speech. Suu and Papi take a liking to each other and are often together (as well as being the butt of a lot of jokes). Suu also doesn’t understand social norms very well (if at all). Suu is also illegally living in the house. Next is Meroune Lorelei (Mero) who is a mermaid (again, hope you don’t need this specified) who is obsessed with the “tragic love” portion of The Little Mermaid and wants to live it out. On land she’s stuck in a wheel chair but is obviously a great swimmer. Lastly is Rachnera Arachnera an arachne (half spider, half human) who’s host family didn’t want her. She was purchased by a man abusing different monsters to make money before she tied him up and ran away. She has a weird fascination with using her webs for bondage like practices (used as punishment against some and other times simply for her own enjoyment). Despite this she has the “big sister” character earning her the nickname “Rachnee”.

The story follows the typical slice-of-life formula you’d be expecting from the title. It has a monster of the week format as well (literally) with the start introducing each member of the harem then going into different sub-species when a plot point arises. Due to this each girl gets at least half an episode to themselves (episodes are split in half telling two different stories similar to a show such as Spongebob Squarepants but they’re more connected) as well as another half later. Even some of the side monsters such as MON members get time to shine. Despite the huge amount of characters and the short amount of time everyone felt decently developed (aside from one offs but who cares about them).

I have two issues, the first isn’t a big deal but I wish there was more scenes of all the girls together. I enjoyed the scenes where they were (mostly at the end of each episode giving some kind of comedy relating to what happened) and the few times the plot required them all to work together usually led to my favourite episodes (6, 9 and 12). The other is the fan service. This is an ecchi show so obviously I’m expecting panty shots, nude bodies with steam covering, big breasts, etc and all that was present but Centorea’s breasts are each bigger than her head and, aside from Suu who has nothing anyway, is the one who happens to be topless the most. Miia’s, Mero’s, Rachnee and sometimes Suu’s were larger than average but they were still believably sized and the size one would expect from a ecchi show while Centorea’s were just weird. There was also a weird fascination with showing the loli Papi’s butt which was pretty awkward.



The visuals were usually bright and colourful but when the mood required it they became dark or depressing which is great. Each monster (including one-offs) has a lot of visual work put into them. At the end of each episode you see some cards giving descriptions and showing examples of different monsters that were featured in that episode which was a nice touch (this is were most the males showed up). The character designs were a mixed bag for me though. Besides the complaints I already made I didn’t like Papi’s clothing as it was super tight with her butt hanging out and I didn’t like how Darling rarely had actual eyes instead opting for the harsh scribble like outlines around white ovals often used to show a misunderstanding or unintelligent moment in most anime or manga. It was probably used to signify something but as his eyes were like that a majority of the time it’s hard to tell.



The voices were all pretty good (Ari Ozawa is Papi and she’s one of my favourite voice actors so…) all seem quite fitting for the character they are portraying. The opening and ending songs are also both really good. I think I’ll forever have “MONSTA MONSTA MO MO MO MOMONSTA!” stuck in my head (don’t know the lyrics to the rest so I can’t type them out!). The rest of the music was pretty good but no real standouts.

Written by: Conor

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