Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun Volume 1 Review


Author: Izumi Tsubaki

Art: Izumi Tsubaki

English Publisher: Yen Press

English Release: November 17 2015

Author Izumi Tsubaki is probably best known for his Oresama Teacher and The Magic Touch series. Both of which are shoujo series. When writing shounen you need to have a different style than shoujo so what did he do to avoid this issue? Wrote a manga, about a guy writing shoujo manga! Yet again we’re looking at a recently released manga that had a fairly well received anime adaptation (this time over a year ago) so many probably already know the premise and characters but let’s dive in!

Our two main characters are titular Umetarou Nozaki who writes for a monthly shoujo manga magazine and Chiyo Sakura who is your typical artsy high school girl that happens to have a crush on Nozaki-kun. The story starts with her confessing her feelings but Nozaki-kun mistakes her as a fan asking for an autograph. She ends up going home with him and becoming an assistant and that’s pretty much it. The manga follows a “4-koma” format which if you have no experience with, think newspaper comics such as Calvin and Hobbes or Peanuts. Each strip of 4 generally serves as its own gag and while they are somewhat connect, you really could read in pretty much any order and still enjoy as there isn’t much of an actual plot aside from what I’ve already stated.

Aside from Sakura and Nozaki there actually are quite a bit of main characters. Mikoto “Mikorin” Mikoshiba is the first we’re introduced to. He seems like a playboy when introduced but as soon as he hits on anyone he gets super embarrassed. He can pretty much only draw backgrounds and sucks at everything else. Nozaki also based the heroine off of him. Next is Masayuki Hori who is the president of the drama club and an assistant of Nozaki’s as well. He takes acting very seriously despite, “The Prince of the School” never letting him rest. That is Yuu Kashima’s nickname, despite being a girl she is very popular with female students (even flirts with them). Masayuki even states he’d never invite Yuu to his wedding as she’d probably “steal his bride”. Lastly (for this volume) is Seo Yuzuki. She’s Sakura’s good friend but she often acts without thinking making others offended.

Overall volume 1 was a pretty good start. It starts the story and sets up characters nicely while at the same time showing exactly what it is. A gag manga. If you’re coming here looking for a nice romance story you’ll be quite disappointed.  The manga has no real plot but that’s not a bad thing. It’s nice to just sit back and laugh once in a while which is exactly what Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun allows you to do.

Written by: Conor

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