Mortal Kombat X Review Spoilers 18+


Mortal Kombat X the long awaited Next Gen addition to the Mortal Kombat series, is a brutal, pretty, and disappointing game. I had a very bittersweet time playing this game, I was hoping for the game to be more like Mortal Kombat 9, but it seems like Nether Realm studios was trying some new things with that I just do not like.


Gameplay: Gameplay is not this game’s strongest point, while the combos are still great and a lot of fun to string, the three different play styles for each character is a little overwhelming. Whenever I get a new Fighting game, the first thing I do is sit down and try out all of the characters to see which characters I am going to “Main” in that game. Finding my “Main” in Mortal Kombat X was a long and frustrating process. The three play styles per character made it so I had to try out each character 3 times just to see what form I was going to use, and the different forms don’t even make that much of a difference, you get a few unique special moves in each and that’s about it. Really choosing different forms doesn’t really effect your game all that much for most characters, but some seem to play quite different with each form. I’m sure the varying forms really are a fun addition to most people, but not for me, they make me feel overwhelmed. I would just fine with leaving it like Mortal Kombat 9. Combos however are great as usual in this game, I’ve had tons of fun finding new combos with my characters and trying them out on other players. You can make all sorts of neat combos with each  character, whether it be a combo revolving around freezing the opponent with Sub-Zero or hanging your opponent in the air and whaling on them with Ermac, the combos were my favorite part of this game.


Story: The story in this game is just utterly terrible. I honestly could not even stomach watching all of the cutscenes in the story mode of this game, the story was nothing like the stories of the other games, and ended just being a boring mess. The story starts out with Shinnoc a former Elder God trying to take over the world, and spoiler The Mortal Kombat Krew jumps in and foils his plans for world dominance by sealing him in an amulet. The story then jumps to the future and the amulet has gone missing, so the next generation Mortal Kombat Krew goes to outworld to find the amulet. In outworld we find the Kotal Kahn the new ruler of outworld is under attack by Mileena, who claims to be the true successor to Shao Kahn’s throne. It turns out Mileena has the amulet, and Kotal Kahn defeats her and takes it. After that the Krew gets taken prisoner by the new Kahn for disobeying his rules while in outworld. After the gang is taken prisoner Kotal Kahn’s right hand D’vorah takes the amulet and free’s the gang while on her way to deliver the amulet to Quan Chi. Quan Chi then tries to release Shinnoc while fighting Hanzo AKA Scorpion and succeeds just as he is decapitated. Shinnoc is then released and uses the the Elder Gods Jinsei Chamber to make a red sky over world that seems to do nothing. So the Krews heads back to Earthrealm and takes on Shinnoc, Kung Jin, Takeda, and Jacqui Briggs take on Shinnocs servants while Cassie Cage goes into the Jinsei Chamber and saves the day by defeating Shinnoc. Overall the story is nothing original and seems like the plot to some bad action film, they really try to push these next generation earthrealm fighters even though they are unlikeable characters. They really should have just stuck with the Mortal Kombat tournament for the story, I mean it’s only the title of the game.


Graphics: The graphics in this game are most likely the strongest point to the game. Mortal Kombat looks fantastic at 60 Frames per second, the action is clear, and stringing out a nice combo is just fantastic. Not only is the Frame rate in this game excellent, but the design of the Characters and special moves also look amazing. Seeing characters like Goro in these next gen graphics is just stunning. The team at Nether Realm really did a nice job with the visuals. Now the graphics aren’t perfect in this game, but what game has perfect graphics? The game like most other games has tears and glitches in the visuals and some points, and sometimes the frame rate will slow during a cutscene, but nothing really to complain about.

Sound: The game like the previous games in the series has a decent soundtrack, good voice acting, and great sound effects. The voice actors voices really fit with the characters they play. The sound effects really help add to the brutality of the game, from the heavy sounds when delivering a punch, to the piercing sound when someone is cut with a blade, the sound effects are just great. The soundtrack, meh nothing to really talk about.

From the boring story to the disappointing new characters, the game left out some of my favorite parts of the franchise. Not having a Mortal Kombat Tournament in the story mode was a major let down, and the boring plot of the new story mode, I did not enjoy this game. The game took some disappointing new paths such as the massive amount of day one  DLC, the Gimmicky “Easy Fatalities”, and the lack of unlockable characters due to them all being DLC in the future. I really hate the fact that my favorite character Rain was an opponent in the story mode, but was not playable in the game, I’m sure he will end up being DLC in the future. Overall I do not like this new Mortal Kombat and I am hoping that the next game the series stays true to it’s roots.

Written by: KidSanada