My Favourite and Least Favourite Anime in 2017

It’s that time of the year again. The end of it. This is mostly the same as last year with a couple changes. If you haven’t read my previous lists here’s the basics. I go over every show I finished at least 1 episode of from each season in a quick snap review before listing which I thought was the best and worst of the season. This year however I noticed each season had 2 or 3 (one cases 4) anime that really surprised me so I’ve added that category although I won’t be listing my top 10. I also tried to better explain why I picked a show for the best or worst of the season.


Akiba’s Trip: I really only watched this since there’s a longer than normal gap between Fall and Winter so I just wanted new anime. I only watched 1 episode and while I didn’t dislike anything I had enough shows on Wednesday that watching a “fun waste of time” type show felt dumb.

BanG Dream!: This was a fairly meh band anime. I liked the music but it just felt too much like it was trying to be Love Live but didn’t do it well enough.

ēlDLIVE: This was pretty boring. The same jokes and plot points are repeated multiple times.

Fuuka: This was fun but I prefer the manga’s story after a certain event that the anime retconned so it’s not as enjoyable as it could have been.

Gabriel DropOut: This was a pretty funny show about angels and devils basically being reversed of what they should be and trying to learn how humans live. Some jokes (Santania and her bread) do get repeated a little too often unfortunately.

Gintama.: This was my least favourite season mainly because it focused on one arc which wasn’t a comedy arc which is what I watch Gintama for. I enjoy the more serious story but I want a balance. There was some comedy but the vast majority was serious content.

Hand Shakers: This show was awful. I actually thought I’d be able to make it through and bash it in a review or something but during episode 3 while watching a big-boobed loli eat complaining to her employee that people always think he’s the boss I legit had an existential crisis and sat there for like 5 minutes before I realized some ugly mess was on my computer screen and I quickly shut it off after that.

Idol Incidents: This show was an interesting concept of idols being politicians. The problem is, it felt like the writer couldn’t decide if it was aimed at preschoolers or young adults and made some weird combo. The villains are poorly written, often evil just because and for the first few episodes all the problems were solved by singing. This got tiring so I dropped it.

Interviews with Monster Girls: I’m not exactly sure what this show is going for as every possible thing I could think of it failed at executing but I still enjoyed this quite a bit pretty much solely based on the fun characters.

Kemono Friends: I watched this mostly for the hype that surrounded it. It was enjoyable, not the greatest thing I’ve ever seen though. I liked the little segments that had zoologists from around the world talking about animals featured in that episode. It was a neat touch.

Konosuba –God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World- Second Season: This season was just as funny as the first and I loved getting to spend more time with Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness as well as Wiz, Yunyun and more! Here’s to a third season!

Koro Sensei Quest: I didn’t like the little bit of the manga I read but I gave this anime a chance anyway and loved it. It felt weird how often they cut the ED just rolling the credits over the final bits of the episode as this was a net anime so they shouldn’t have been limited to 10 minutes and 10 seconds every week.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge: This was a pretty generic harem series and while it didn’t really do anything bad I found myself often putting off watching new episodes 5 or 6 days before I eventually just dropped it after falling a couple episodes behind and not caring enough to catch back up.

Piacevole: This wasn’t really good or bad just something I watched each week. If it wasn’t a short I’m not sure if I could have continued.

Rewrite 2nd Season: This season followed the VN a lot closer and that plot made a lot more sense but I don’t like Terra as much as the heroine routes so I still didn’t enjoy this season all that much.

Saga of Tanya the Evil: This was pretty surprising. I’m not sure why I originally watched this but it ended up being one of the most enjoyable shows I watched this season. The animation had a few slip-ups but wasn’t that big of a deal.

Scum’s Wish: I enjoyed the manga quite a bit (binge reading the 30 released chapters in a couple days which is something I almost never do.). At first I wasn’t liking the anime aside from the art style with me disliking all the voices. By the end I loved Ecchan and Mugi’s voices and the rest don’t bother me nearly as much. The OP, ED and soundtrack in general are some of the best I’ve heard.

Seiren: I’ve never watched Amagami so I was interested in watching an omnibus romance but the first arc was so bad and the main character was so unlikable I ended up really disliking this.


Best: Scum’s Wish. I’m just a huge fan of this series. There were some shows I think more people would enjoy from this season but for me I would come to Scum’s Wish as soon as I could when a new episode released.
Worst: Hand Shakers. There was just nothing redeeming about this series. I have never before questioned my life choices and I’d never like to do it again.

Most Surprising: Saga of Tanya the Evil. As I said, I don’t even know why I watched this in the first place but it ended up being one of the most enjoyable shows of the season. We need more loli dictators in anime.



Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor: Asterisk War with even worse uniforms and no redeeming qualities.

Alice & Zoroku: The first episode was fun but I found myself bored with the second and ended up dropping when I noticed most people who felt that way were saying the third was worse.

Armed Girl’s Machiavellism: I just kind of watched this with no real expectations. It ended up being a really good action series with quite the enjoyable cast. Probably one of the better battle harem series in a while.

Attack on Titan Season 2: While I didn’t follow the insane amount of hype this show had I was still looking forward to it. Luckily I did enjoy my time (although it confirmed the identity of the Colossal Titan wasn’t who I was sure it was and I got sad) despite the 12 episodes and I am looking forward to season 3.

Clockwork Planet: I feel this might have just been a case of the novel’s story not transitioning well but either way I didn’t find too much enjoyment here so I dropped it.

Eromanga-Sensei: Why did I watch this? It was fun to bash on Twitter but it really wasn’t worth watching.

THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS Theater: (counting both TV and Net version here) short little gag stories following different idols from the Cinderella Girls franchise which was fun. There isn’t really any idol activities going on and if you’ve only seen the CG anime you’ll only know less than half the cast.

Little Witch Academia: I really enjoyed the first OVA (never got around to the second though) so when a full series was announced I was super hyped. I love this show but I’m not really sure if I prefer the episodic nature of the first half or the story of the second.

Love Tyrant: This was a really funny harem-comedy. I found it did lose its steam later in the series but it was still quite enjoyable.

Makeruna!! Aku no Gundan!: This is a gag series written by the voice actress of Nico Yazawa which is what got me interested. It was a pretty funny story about aliens coming to take over earth and ending up homeless looking for part time jobs.

Saekano♭ How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend.flat: I tore the original apart (even debating making it the worst anime that aired that season) but luckily this season solved my problems and didn’t really add more making the series much more enjoyable overall.

The Silver Guardian: This was a trash show that might have been fun to bash but aired the same day as Eromanga-Sensei which I was watching to bash plus Saturday was the busiest day so I just dropped it.

Tsugumomo: This was a cool action series but I felt 6 episodes was enough and just stopped.

Tsukigakirei: This was a cute romance of first love between two middle school kids. I didn’t find it as enjoyable as I saw others did but I still really liked it. One of the better romance anime out there solely because it was an original so we got to see how it ended up.

We Love Rice: It takes a lot to get me to drop a short but this was just super dull and aired Wednesday which had quite a lot of anime airing and I was busy with life too.

WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?: Stupidly long title. This was quite popular but I didn’t enjoy any characters in a character driven show so there was no point in watching.


Best: Tsukigakirei. Aside from the name I love everything about this series. While I’m not typically someone who thinks characters need to be exactly like they would in real life I still appreciated the slightly awkward romance presented here and hope we get more shows like it in the future.

Worst: Clockwork Planet. While this season was pretty decent it was actually harder to decide what trash I wanted to include here. I decided on Clockwork Planet because it wasn’t even fun to bash and I couldn’t see why anyone would like it. Everything else I was considering fell into one of those categories so it defaulted to this.

Most Surprising: Armed Girl’s Machiavellism. I had no real opinions going in and found quite the enjoyable cast and some decent fight scenes. The story was nothing to write home about but hey, sometimes we just need something like that once in a while right?



A Centaur’s Life: This show was really weird. I’m not really sure what to think as there’s a ton of weird things like suddenly a Holocaust episode and then 3 girls looking at each other’s vaginas. Whatever it was trying to be it wasn’t very good and there’s other shows that do everything better.

Aho Girl: This followed an idiot girl and her smart friend. She is obsessed with bananas. This show was way funnier than it had any right in being.

Battle Girl High School: Honestly not sure why I watched this. Wasn’t very good at introducing 500 characters all at once though. Oh wait. It’s impossible to be good at that. Why do mobage adaptations have to keep trying?

Classroom of the Elite: I just found this pretty boring with none of the characters being likable and Kakegurui in this same season being a much better “elite” school.

Dive!!: Honestly not sure why I finished this. It was boring and had nothing redeeming besides some of the actors being great.

Fastest Finger First: I wasn’t expecting a quiz show to be enjoyable. This certainly wasn’t one of the best shows but the amount of random trivia contained in the show was really cool and I actually learned some stuff.

Gamers!: I just couldn’t see what was so good about this. I watched 2 episodes and didn’t really find anything I liked.

Kakegurui: I enjoyed this quite a bit. So much to the point I started buying the manga. The finale was really stupid which bumped my enjoyment down a lot. Especially since the match after where they stopped in the manga would have been a good stopping point.

Knight’s and Magic: I hate that title. It was ok. It was an Isekai show for no real reason though. I liked Ernie at first but he grew annoying as the show went on.

Love & Lies: I’m reading the manga which is already slow but the anime makes it even worse. The manga chapters are only like 6 pages each and they were adapting really slowly. I just gave up.

Made in Abyss: This is one of the most interesting shows of the season. It was an adventure series with a girl journeying into an abyss with a robot she found in order to find her mother. Obviously this is dumbing the plot down quite a bit but the show is really complex and hard to explain in a short time. Just know I loved it.

My Hero Academia Season 2: This is an enjoyable series. I’m not going to claim it’s some super amazing spin on Shounen manga but I do really enjoy it. I also like this style of giving 1 or 2 cours a year instead of just having the anime run non-stop.

New Game!!: Missed opportunity not calling it “New Game +”. This was pretty much more of the same as season 1 (although a little more drama) which was just fine.

Owarimonogatari 2nd Season: Can this really be called “2nd season”? It was a 3 episode TV special. It was a nice ending to the Monogatari series though (insert: it actually isn’t the end so… oops). Probably my favourite arc in the series is in here too.

Princess Principal: This was a cool show about an alt-history London with spies. The story was also told out of chronological order which was an interesting take. I’m not normally a spy fan but I really enjoyed this.

Re: Creators: A cool reverse isekai show where instead of the main character going to some new world he stayed in his own and a bunch of anime and video game characters came to his. Some people didn’t like the amount of info dumping but I didn’t have an issue with it.

Restaurant to Another World: This was pretty enjoyable. I wish it focused more on repeat characters though as the author created some really interesting characters (and worlds) yet we rarely saw them again (if ever) after their introduction. The restaurant frequently even took a backseat to this new worlds.

Sagrada Reset: A lot of people dropped this early on but for some reason I just felt like I shouldn’t. While I’m not sure I’d recommend it to someone I did enjoy the powers through-out Sakurada and some of the mysteries were cool too. I don’t regret keeping up with this to the end at all.

Sakura Quest: When this was first announced I immediately thought of Shirobako since it’s about working women but it wasn’t nearly as good. I even came close to dropping it at some points. I did enjoy the characters a lot though.

Teekyu 9: More Teekyu. I’m not complaining.

The Reflection: Probably the worst first episode I’ve ever seen. I’ve heard it improved a little but I can’t be bothered.

Tsuredure Children: This was a really interesting concept following a fairly large cast of high schoolers as they develop feelings for and even enter relationships with other classmates. Normally I don’t like shows with huge casts

Welcome to the Ballroom: Yet another show I just found boring. This had quite a bit of hype behind it and the manga is pretty popular so maybe it’s a poor adaptation or I’m missing something but it felt like a waste of time.


Best: Princess Principal. Anyone who read my list from last year may remember how much I loved Flip Flappers which was the previous anime from 3Hz. Princess Principal continues that love with having a great cast of characters with nice designs, great looking animation, kick ass opening and catchy ending songs, etc.

Worst: The Reflection. This is one of the worst anime I’ve ever seen never mind within this season.

Most Surprising: Fastest Finger First. I’ve always been one to enjoy learning random trivia but never did I think I would enjoy an anime about trivia competitions. This wasn’t an amazing show by any stretch but I still really liked it.



Anime Gataris: At first I was watching this just enjoying trying to guess all the anime references (which you can see here) but I ended up really enjoying the characters and even the story (which didn’t really start until the later half).

Food Wars! The Third Plate: More Food Wars is never a bad thing. This arc may not be the most popular but I still enjoy it.

Gintama.: Slip Arc: I wish this aired directly with the previous arc, maybe have some of the arcs before and some after? It was great but felt kind of weird opening the year with a serious season of Gintama and closing with a comedy arc.

Girls’ Last Tour: This was a pretty cool series following two girls as they travel through the world that has had pretty much all life taken away. Where are they going? Who knows but for some reason I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS Theater Season 2: Pretty much the same as the previous season.

Inuyashiki: Last Hero: It felt weird that the show was called “Inuyashiki” yet Hiro had far more screen time than Inuyashiki. I really liked this show though, I always like shows following an antagonist since we don’t get that enough. The ending was a little weird and like I had missed an episode though.

Juni Taisen: Zodiac War: I feel like I’m the only one that really liked this show. I went into more detail in my review but I went in more looking for enjoyable characters than some super unpredictable series with tons of twists and I got exactly that.

Konohana Kitan: This was a cute little series of fox girls that work at a hot springs for gods that are all heavily implied to be lesbians. Yuzu (the lead) is probably my favourite character from this season and episode 8 is one of my favourite episodes of all time (maybe a new list that needs making?)

King’s Game: This was bad. I want the time I wasted watching it back.

Land of the Lustrous: This was an interesting show following “gem humans” (they mostly look like girls but I don’t think they have a confirmed gender). The original author seems to have a lot of knowledge about these gems as each of the characters has characteristics that seem to come from the gems themselves. The CG was also really great to look at.

Love is Like a Cocktail: A cute little love story of a husband who makes alcohol for his wife who is extremely light weight. I do feel lied to in the few episodes where they make alcohol free drinks though.

Love Live Sunshine: Second Season: I thought I was really disliking this season but then I noticed I was still liking quite a bit of the episodes. After thinking about it I noticed the ones I didn’t like were relating in large part to the school and I still really liked the character based episodes. Hopefully any future Love Live series just drop the school closure plot.

Our Love Has Always Been 10 Centimeters Apart: I like Honeyworks’ music. I keep hoping I’ll like their anime. Their music is the only good part.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie: This was a pretty surprising show that focuses equally on both the in game and real life relationships of two characters.

URAHARA: I found this kind of boring. The weird split-screen stuff was kind of off-putting too.


Best: Konohana Kitan. This is such a great show. I normally hate klutzy characters but I loved Yuzu plus the rest of the cast was really enjoyable too.

Worst: King’s Game. Is this a surprise?

Most Surprising: Anime Gataris. Probably the hardest category I had to pick, debated between this, MMO Junkie, Land of the Lustrous and Konohana Kitan but I finally settled on Anime Gataris. Mainly because at first glance it seems like it has nothing but anime references (somehow no JoJo’s ones though) but I ended up really enjoying my time with it.


Now time for my top 10 favourites and most hated anime of the season.


  1. Girls’ Last Tour
    9. Land of the Lustrous
    8. Saga of Tanya the Evil
    7. Little Witch Academia
    6. Konohana Kitan
    5. Ms. Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
    4. Tsukigakirei
    3. Scum’s Wish
    2. Made in Abyss
    1. Princess Principal


  1. Masamune-kun’s Revenge
    9. Dive!!
    8. Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor
    7. Eromanga Sensei
    6. The Silver Guardian
    5. Clockwork Planet
    4. A Centaur’s Life
    3. King’s Game
    2. Hand Shakers
    1. The Reflection

Written by: Conor

Hi there. I’m Conor and I helped with the creation of Blazekick. I like video games, anime, manga and read visual novels. I do stuff relating to those on the site. I help run the Blazekick Twitter and Youtube accounts as well so drop by and say hi. My favorite games are Pokémon Emerald, The Walking Dead Season One, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, LittleBigPlanet 2, Tearaway and Uncharted 2.