NEKOPARA Vol. 0 Review



NEKOPARA Vol. 1 was a surprise for me late last year. Going in knowing it originally contained sex scenes and has a ton of cat girls I was expecting nothing more than “let’s see how many times we can get the cat girls to be naked!” but, while that was included, I enjoyed the story it included. Vol. 0 is a fan disc which are expansions of the original product, usually containing some kind of extras aimed at those who are already fans (hence the name). Vol. 0 is a prequel and definitely appeals to those who liked the original. Let’s get into the actual review but be warned; this will be a shorter review as the novel itself is only just over an hour and I already kind of said it. If you liked NEKOPARA Vol. 1 you’ll probably like this, if you didn’t or haven’t read it you probably won’t.



As mentioned this is a prequel. The protagonist from Vol. 1, Kashou Minaduki is mentioned quite a bit but never actually appears. This time we focus on his sister Shigure and her collection of cat girls. If you were disappointed that Chocola and Vanilla were the only girls to get any sort of memorable screen time like I was you’ll be excited to know they all get quite a bit this time (yes that includes Chocola and Vanilla). I found it neat to see them all more but I don’t think there was anything really new about any of them (although my memory is foggy about how they were in Vol. 1) which is understandable as it’s a fan disc and not Vol. 2 but still would have been nice.

The story as mentioned follows the six cat girls and Shigure just before Kashou left. It specifically lasts about a day of in game time which is broken into scenes lasting and hour (I think a couple were 30 minutes). This format works really well and feels like I’m binge watching an anime like I Can’t Understand What my Husband is Saying or something similar. As its hard to do my normal review format I’ll just say they all work really well. Each one starts with 2 of the girls saying the time and a title for this scene. They were never in sync with each other which I thought was quite cute.

As in the previous game pressing the “P” button on your keyboard makes all the characters jump (when not viewing a CG) but now we have a new option. There’s a little hand in the top right corner and pressing this allows you to pet the cats (and Shigure). They react but unless it takes a ton of time they don’t call you a pervert for rubbing their breasts which I feel was a missed opportunity. It’s all in good fun though so no big deal.



Pretty much the same as the first which is to be expected. The animations still look super crisp and fluid. I found 10 of the 16 CG being all at the end (4 stuck in the bath scene of course) being a bit overkill. There’s really not much to say because as I said, it’s the same.



Again, same. Not really an issue as the voice acting is really good and the music is as well. I will mention though, normally when there’s no voice acting I mention “it’s not an issue” or “I didn’t think it needed it” but I really think the voices make Nekopara as enjoyable as it is.

Written by: Conor

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