NEKOPARA Vol. 2 Review


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Nekopara is one of those weird series that is huge in the west due to “omg anime bewbs! 10/10 gotta LP!!” but at the same time having respect as a visual novel from fans of the medium. I was a fan of the first and liked the prequel with my favourite girls being Coconut and Cinnamon. Knowing Coconut was one of the main girls for volume 2 (the other being Azuki) I was quite excited. Let’s see if NEKO WORKs manged to hit another one out of the park or if the need a revamp of the formula.

The story pretty much picks up right where Vol. 1 left off. Chocola and Vanilla are living with Kashou and Shigure as well as the rest of the cat girls work at La Soleil during the day. While Chocola and Vanilla have heavy focus early on still (even a sex scene I think) you can also tell Coconut and Azuki will have a more important role this version as one of the first things we see is those two fighting (also every time Chocola calls Azuki Azu-nyan I always think K-On!). To help clear Coconut’s mind from the fight Kashou brings her along with Chocola and Vanilla to make a delivery where we meet that little cat girl from the first game (gets the name of Milk now) which was nice.


One of the things I liked quite a bit was seeing the amount of Azuki’s struggles with being the oldest. As the oldest sibling myself I actually related to her (with some obvious differences) I even pretty much knew instantly how the bickering between Azuki and Coconut would turn out as my relationship with my siblings is very close to that.

Visually the game looks just as good as the previous two. Animated sprites, bouncy breasts, petting, “P” jumping are all there but there’s nothing new added unfortunately. Again, the reverse of how I feel about most visual novels, I actually prefer when scenes use sprites over CG. The CG not being animated plays a big role.

The soundtrack also mostly reuses tracks form the previous games. There might have been a new track or two but I haven’t played the first volume since my original review so I can’t remember. The voice acting was pretty good too but just pretty much the same as the previous ones.


I have two complaints about NEKOPARA Vol. 2. The first is the game doesn’t feel like a sequel but maybe a DLC expansion for the first. According to Steam I spent seven hours on Vol. 1, three on Vol. 0 and three on Vol. 2. My reading speed might have gotten quicker but I can’t see it doubling. While reading it also just felt shorter (I pretty much read it in a day). My other is I felt I missed a lot of content this time around. In my Vol. 1 review I said:

it was quite obvious where the removed sex scenes were. From what I could tell they were actually integrated into the story

and while the first statement is still true the second is kind of and I have an addition. From what I can tell they were mostly fan service this time around. Vanilla states multiple times cat girls don’t feel any attachment like humans so they don’t mind polygamy and when it comes to Azuki’s and Coconut’s turns the are more seduced by watching their younger sisters be lewd than actually wanting to be with Kashou (at least at first). My add on is the parts the Steam version does have makes direct reference to events that happened during the cut scenes. After Azuki’s it mentions changing to clean sheets and she’s unable to stand. Why? Did Kashou or Vanilla chop her leg off? What was the point of keeping in the after-scenes? None of them added anything anything to the all-ages version and most just left me wanting context for what the hell they were talking about. The first one also has Chocola and Vanilla say they’re entering the bath and suddenly we’re in the bed with everyone naked. Why? The only reason I can think is to try and drive sales for their restoration patch.

Written by: Conor

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