NEKOPARA Vol. 3 Review

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After being surprised with Vol. 1 and slightly disappointed with Vol. 2 I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Nekopara’s third installment. On the one hand Cinnamon was always one of my favourites and she’d be playing a starring role this time but on the other, that didn’t save Vol. 2 with Coconut. My final playtime was just under what I spent with the first game so my complaint about Vol. 2 seeming like it should have been a DLC add-on instead of a new game was fixed but were the sex-scenes better removed, and was this “extra” (for lack of a better word) content actually worth reading or was it just filler?

If you haven’t read anything from the Nekopara series (why are you here?) the series follows a man named Kashou Minaduki who has opened a bakery called “La Soleil” and was unknowingly followed by two of his sister’s cat girls Chocola and Vanilla. He ends up hiring his sister (Shigure) and the rest of the cats (Azuki, Coconut, Cinnamon, Maple) to help work the bakery. Each game a new pair of cat girls joins Kashou’s harem of “catpanions” leaving us with the only two remaining; Cinnamon and Maple to take the staring roles this time around.

I say starring roles but I’m not sure if that’s the best way to describe volume 3. While they certainly do have more time focused on them than any other girl it was probably about the same amount of time as Azuki and Coconut had in the last shorter release with the extra time being used for mostly comedy stuff that involved all 6 girls.

I was somewhat interested where the story would go as Vol. 1 was kind of the introductory as well as helping Chocola and Vanilla through heat, which I don’t think was ever brought up with the other girls including the horn dog (cat?) Cinnamon. Vol. 2 dealt with family issues of being the oldest and trying to protect your younger siblings so where was Vol. 3 going to go? Idols of course! While Maple and Cinnamon actually learn the guitar and piano respectively (as well as Maple doing singing) it still felt a little out of place as I don’t recall Maple being musically talented ever hinted at before (although Cinnamon being closest to Maple and wanting to support her was). That’s not to say it was done poorly or even that I wish they went a different path but I still needed to bring it up.

The graphics were the same as the previous installments although technically there were less displayed characters as previously Milk was the only character to be shown not from La Soleil but she was nowhere to be seen this time around. We also get to see Kashou’s full face in the end CG so I guess that’s something new. The music was mostly the same too with the OP/ED and Maple’s performance being the only new songs that I noticed.

In my review of Vol. 2 one of my complaints was how they always cut just the sex-scenes leaving the scenes directly after that talked about what happened but didn’t add anything to the story so it felt like “you better buy the restoration patch now!”. Those scenes were again left in but I wasn’t really bothered by them this time. I don’t recall them ever referencing specific events this time around just shooting lines like “that’s the best I’ve ever had!” or “I can barely stand that was so intense.”. The closest thing would be Maple and Cinnamon making out then sucking each other’s tails and ears before cutting to white and Maple yelling “WE’RE NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN!”

Written by: Conor

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