New Angel Beats! 1st Beat Visual Novel Details

A couple weeks ago Key announced they’d have an announcement on December 22nd relating to Angel Beats! and a new project. Earlier today that happened and you can read about their new anime “Charlotte” here.Onto Angel Beats! though, we finally got a release date for the first volume titled “1st beat” and in Japan it will release May 29th 2015. Currently this appears to be Japan only but maybe they’ll let Sekai Project get on this quicker than 10 years for the rest of the world? (Visual Arts does seem super supportive even calling Clannad the “official Steam release” and promoting it on their website) We got previews of a few CGs (I was going to link them but Key’s site is currently dealing with server overload so you’ll have to watch them in the preview video). They also gave news not just relating to the visual novel however. A new Girls Dead Monster CD titled “Million Star” will release January 30th (assuming all new songs as all the current ones were part of their first CD), live “World Concerts” (they call them that but they’re probably not leaving Japan) on April 11th and 12th focusing on Angel Beats! but music from Key’s other works will be there, and on June 24th Angel Beats! will receive a Blu-ray release with a brand new OVA titled “Hell’s Kitchen” It is unknown if the contents of that will make an appearance in the visual novel first or if Gordon Ramsey will be doing voice work but I suppose we’ll see soon!

Written by: Conor

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