New Charlotte Preview

We’re getting lot’s of Charlotte news lately and here’s some more! During the re-broadcast of the final episode of Angel Beats! in Japan a new commercial aired which gives us our first look at the show animated as well as quite a few images of how the characters react around another. There is just music (different from the usual dubstep) with no voices so we still don’t know who will be acting in the anime. In Anime News Network’s article they have a translation of the text that I’ll be quoting down below as well as a couple back-ups in case the Youtube video gets taken down.

Text: I wonder why I am nothing but myself and not someone else.
Text: The special power a boy obtained
Text: “We can use your powers, so please work with us.”
Text: The special power a girl held.
Text: It is a sickness.
Text: What began was a daily life of being supervised.
Text: What arrived was the not-so-daily-life of the special power-users,
Text: A sparkling youth,
Text: And a cruel fate.
Text: Running around,
Text: The one waiting at the end of that road is…
Text: A story of a new youth and fate brought to you by Jun Maeda.
Text: The promise is to come back home.

Written by: Conor

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