New Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Information

This month’s CoroCoro magazine has leaked and with it has come a lot of new information about the upcoming Ruby and Sapphire remakes.


In this scan we learn that along with Blaziken, Sceptile and Swampert will also be gaining Mega Evolutions. We also learn about Diance’s new Mega Evolution. Mega Sceptile will become a Grass/Dragon type and will gain the ability Lightning Rod upon evolving. Mega Swampert still has his Water/Ground typing and gains Swift Swim as an ability. Mega Diance has ??? listed as its ability so my guess is it something completely new. We can also see the Return of Team Magma and Aqua, The Mach and Acro bikes and Steven Stone. The teams both got pretty cool redesigns and are still run by Maxie and Archie respectively. The admins are also named Tabitha and Courtney for Magma and Matt and Shelly for Aqua. Steven is said to be looking for the secret to Mega Evolution and carries with him a Mega Charizard X.

corocoro7144  In this screen we can see the new art for May and Brendan as well as their models. We don’t get much information here besides confirmation that Brendan’s hair is brown and it was a hat the whole time! We also get another look at the box art and more confirmation the game is coming in November. We might get an actual date at E3 but I’m not sure.


Finally the last scan shows off Mega Kyogre and Mega Groudon. There has been debate on if they are Mega evolutions or just look cooler on the box but we finally know. They are called “Primal/Prehistoric/Primeval” Groudon and Kyogre and are said to be a regression known as “Ancient Devolution. Nothing is known about what that means but I’m sure we’ll find out soon.














At this point I think this is what we’ll get at E3 only as a video as Corocoro isn’t set to officially release until after Nintendo’s E3 event and it would seem weird to include information there but not here but who knows. Keep an eye out on for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire news and much more!

Written by: Conor

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