New Pokemon Sun and Moon Details Revealed

Nintendo just wrapped up their Pokemon presentation and with it came many new details for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.


Here we see the battle UI, the touchscreen includes a Pokeball button as well as the participants in the middle and the rest of the options surrounding them.








We now see how stats have been affected when you click on the Pokemon on the bottom screen.


When choosing your move it will now tell you if your move is “Supper Effective”, “Effective”, “Not Very Effective” and presumably “Not Effective”


The trainers can be seen in battles, even random trainers such as this Lass.

trainer shadow

When approaching trainers shadows will come in the top and bottom of the screen. When you walk in front an exclamation mark will appear on the entire screen.


A new Pokemon named Yungoos

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Grubbin, Bug type with the ability Swarm

Written by: Conor

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