New Pokémon Sun and Moon Legendaries and Area Information Revealed

Earlier today, the Pokémon Twitter revealed some information about their new games coming out later this year, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. Back in May, they revealed the Alola region, the region that seems to be set in the state of Hawaii, and information on the new starters. The video is shown below.


In the video, they go over the legendaries for both of the games. The first one is named Solgaleo, a psychic-steel type, who is the face of the Sun version. Solgaleo has the ability “Full Metal Body”, which seems to protect itself from being affected by stat-altering abilities and, possibly, moves. They also reveal his main attack called “Sunsteel Strike”, where Solgaleo jumps into the air to harness the energy of the sun and physically strikes the opponent.


Now, for the legendary of Pokémon Moon, Lunala. Lunala is a psychic-ghost type that has the “Shadow Shield” which wasn’t brushed up on during the video. They also had it perform it’s main attack, “Moongeist Beam”, where Lunala flies into the air, creates a circle with it’s wings, and fires a collective beam at the enemy Pokemon. It seems to be a Ghost type move since it was super-effective against Gengar.


We also got information about some of the region, from the environment to the people. The environment reflects hugely on Hawaii, from it’s vast forests and oceans to the bustling cities. You also meet the professor of the region, Professor Kukui, Kukui’s young assistant, Lillie, and, you’re friend of the region, Hau. Guessing from the video, it seems that either Lillie or Hau will be your rival, but I’m leaning more towards Lillie since her picture has her posing angrily. Your Pokédex has also seen a change where it will be taken over by a Rotom Pokémon, but there hasn’t been any further information on this at this time.

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Written by: GeminiTrinity

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