New Xbox One Update Coming Very Soon


Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb mentioned that the newest Xbox One update, expected for July, is coming very soon. In this update, the Xbox One will feature new additions that could help improve the user’s experience with their console. Here are a few of the noted updates:

  • Achievement Snap

You’ll be able to view your achievements in real time, allowing for the user to easily track how they are doing on a specific achievement. There will also be a “Help” option that will have the Xbox search the internet for any tips or tricks to getting an achievement.

  • Easier Snap Mode Access

By double-tapping a button to bring up the Snap application, you’ll be able to access any application that can be Snapped. This will make getting to your achievements, music, or friends list a breeze and you won’t need to leave your game.

  • Language Choice

New Zealand, Austria, and Ireland players will be able to choose between the English or German voice models from other countries. This will make their use of the Kinect easier and more enjoyable.

  • Digital Bundles and Compilation Discs

With all the bundles coming out lately, Microsoft is hard at work trying to get amazing bundles and disc compilations out to the public. This will give users more games for less money.

Written by: GeminiTrinity

I'm a Communications major/Business major at New England College. I'm also an aspiring Director, Screenwriter, Editor, Producer, and Actor. I also make music videos, skits, and "Let's Plays" for YouTube.