New Zygarde Forms Revealed. Pokemon Z?

New forms of the legendary Pokemon Zygarde have been revealed. 4 new forms have been revealed giving it a total of 5 forms. These forms have been confirmed for the new anime series Pokemon XY and Z.

Zygarde Cell: This new form is described as the single cells that make up Zygarde’s other forms. It has no thoughts and can not perform any moves.  The cells are scattered all across the Kalos Region.

Zygarde Core: The core is basically the brain of the Pokemon. It is self-aware and is able to communicate with cells and other cores.

Zygarde 10% Form: Once the Core has gathered 10% of the Zygarde Cells then it takes on it’s 10% form.

Zygarde 50% Form: This is the form that everyone is familiar with, but as it turns out it is only in it’s 50% form. Once the Core has gathered 50% of the Zygarde cells it takes it 50% form.

Zygarde Complete Form: Once 100% of the cells it becomes it’s complete form. This is used when a problem arises that it’s 50% form can’t handle.


Many people speculate that this could be a hint that a new game titled Pokemon Z is coming. This has been neither confirmed or denied by either Nintendo or Game Freak.

Written by: Jackson Lee