Nintendo Unleashed – Episode 36: Let The Contest Begin


This is week on Nintendo Unleashed Conor, Armando, and a special guest talk about Wii U, amiibo, and much more! We also talk about the Super Mario Maker contest that we’re holding!

We’re holding a Super Mario Marker Contest! The winner will get either a Marth or Greninja amiibo! That’s your choice!
How to Enter our Super Mario Maker Contest!
Subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave a comment on the video for Episode 36 (link:!
Your comment must include:
Your Super Mario Maker level!
Your Twitter username
and pick either Greninja or Marth!
You have until October 21, 2015 to submit your level. We will announce the winner of the contest On October 24th during Nintendo Unleashed episode 38!

If you would like to be featured in a future listener questions segment just send us your questions! You can do that by commenting on our video, or sending them via Twitter (@blazekicktweet)!

*This episode was recorded on October 9, 2015

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Written by: Armando Orona

Aspiring journalist, College student with a dream of writing about video games for a living.