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Some point last year I was told about the romantic comedy Nisekoi. I added it to my backlog like I would with any anime but then I learned it was getting a second season that would air in the spring 2015 anime season. I decided to quickly watch it (and review it the day episode 1 of Nisekoi: aired) and quickly fell in love with the characters and story. Now that Nisekoi: (why couldn’t they just call it Nisekoi 2 or something?) has finished was it as good as the first?

*note* Since watching and reviewing season 1 I have read the manga. While I will compare the two my final score will be to someone who hasn’t read the manga and is anime only.




This is actually quite hard. In my review of season 1 I ended the story section with:

I’m going to have to stop here as Nisekoi takes a sort of “problem of the week” approach to its episodes to develop all the characters feelings and reveal information so I can’t get too deep into things without spoiling other events.

which is true but here it’s even more of a problem. Season 1 the episodes were clearly connected while focuses on “problem of the week” while season 2 they aren’t. A major problem is after Chapter 50 in the manga (which is where season 1 ended) it started having a lot of filler chapters. Most aren’t connected to the previous and next chapters but some have character development so they can’t just cut it. This works a lot better in a manga setting than an anime. Something else is season 2  finale covers chapters 100 and 106. This shows 2 things, 1. they’re skipping chapters (sometimes even putting them out of order) and 2. they covered the same amount of chapters in season 1 and 2 with season 1 being just under twice the length.

There’s really 2 main arcs so I guess I’ll cover them. The first is Chitoge’s mom (pictured above) is visiting for Christmas and Raku ends up working as her assistant. Chitoge’s mom is incredibly busy and we can see all the Beehive members are scared of her. She always greets Chitoge by asking how old she is and telling her she isn’t doing good enough in school. I’m not going to give how it ends but with Raku being involved you can probably guess it’s for the good. The other is when April rolls around and everyone moves up a year we get some new members to the harem. This includes Kosaki’s sister Haru Onodera (who the arc focuses on), Haru’s friend Fuu-chan (even in the latest chapter that is all we have for a name) and Tsugumi’s old partner Paula McCoy (who was introduced earlier). The arc follows Haru walking to school on her first day (not with Kosaki for some reason) when some older guys stop her and tell her to come with them. Since she went to an all-girls middle school she doesn’t know how to deal with boys and ends up passing out, but not before she sees another boy (who we immediately recognize as Raku) saving her. She thinks he’s a prince, heard bad rumors about Raku, due to bad coincidences Raku sees her panties twice that day, Haru hates him and that’s about where the anime gets. My main issue was this happened in episode 7 which was over halfway. Haru is featured in the poster and the three new girls are all in the opening. For introduced what appears to be major characters this was really poorly done.

My other issues where just the chapters they chose in general. Skipping filler is fine but if you skip something, you need to edit references to it so they makes sense. For example, Raku makes reference to making Kosaki’s least favourite food for her so he asked Ruri was her favourite was. Making the least favourite was never shown. Raku drops his locket when saving Haru and she has it. He discovers it’s gone then the next episode knows she has it, never explaining how. Haru shows up in episode 5 because they adapted a chapter after she was introduced just to give Marika her own episode for some reason. They adapted the spin-off series “Magical Pâtissière Kosaki-chan” into episode 8 without connecting it in anyway, not even saying it was Kosaki’s dream or something, it just shows up, happens, transitions to a normal manga chapter. They probably could have figured a way to actually connect episodes better too but didn’t. The finale was also nothing special. You could have put it anywhere in the series and it wouldn’t have made a difference which is pretty bad.



Visuals is always a category I have trouble with. If it didn’t look good I would have dropped it, if it’s a season 2 it’s probably going to be the same as season 1. I guess it’s the same here. Animation is nice and fluid. In my last review I mentioned how there was very little panty-shots and fan-service, this season I don’t think there was really any. Even when Haru’s skirt gets blown up something’s always blocking it.That’s always good I guess.



Again, what do I say here? The new actors are all good, the music is great like last season, we got a preview of Haru, Paula and Fuu-chan’s voices from the OVAs? I don’t like leaving this section empty but it really doesn’t need anything.

Written by: Conor

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