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StreetPass Weekend is Coming Soon

  Do you know what StreetPass Weekend is? Well, It’s a special weekend where you can get StreetPass tags from other 3DS users from all over the country by just going to a Nintendo Zone locations. This event is happening on December 14 – 15 at a Nintendo Zone location

Club Nintendo Rewards – December 2013

It’s finally that time of the month where Nintendo updates their Club Nintendo Rewards Catalog and adds new downloadable games as rewards. This month Club Nintendo is offering Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels on Wii Virtual Console, Balloon Fight on Wii U Virtual Console, Mario’s Picross on 3DS Virtual

Pokemon: FireRed and LeafGreen Official Soundtrack

After Pokemon X and Y’s release on iTunes a few weeks ago GameFreak has decided to release FireRed and LeafGreen’s soundtracks! GamFreak will likely continue to release the soundtracks of other Pokemon games in the near future. You can purchase them here:

Pokemon Emerald: Retro Review

    If you have paid any attention to me at all you will know Pokemon is one of my favourite franchises of all time. I decided to revisit my past of Pokemon and remembered my first game was Pokemon Emerald which at the time I thought was perfect! I

Project M 3.0 Released

Project M is a Fanmade mode designed to make Super Smash Bros. Brawl to look and act like Super Smash Bros. Melee. Characters such as Olimar, Ice Climbers and Kirby have finally been added as well as Melee characters such as Mewtwo and Roy. Alternate costumes and colours have also