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Ä“lDLIVE Review

When long running manga get an anime adaptation there is often one of two issues that arises. Either it goes on far too long and stretches out chapters to episodes or starts adding filler so they don’t catch up to the manga or barely anything gets covered with little to

Interviews with Monster Girls Review

Despite how simple Interviews with Monster Girls is on the surface I don’t think I’ve ever been as unsure at what a show was trying to go for while still enjoying it. Going in I thought we’d get a typical school anime with either slice of life or rom-com elements

Rewrite Series Review

Any follower of my writing for a decent period of time should know how much of a Key fan I am. I quite enjoyed reading Rewrite back when I first discovered Key and was hopeful for an anime to see some of the more action heavy scenes animated (as well

Are Spoilers That Bad?

Whether you are talking about TV, movies, video games or books almost everyone is in agreement that spoilers are a bad thing and anyone who knowingly spoils other people is scum. This has even gotten to the point of people complaining about “spoilers” when details of a press conference (you

Nintendo Unleashed – Episode 108: Switchmas Eve

This week Armz and Conor talk about the Nintendo Switch, tasting cartridges, Nindies and more! *This episode was recorded on Mach 2, 2017. The audio was edited by Armz and the video by Conor. Visit our website! Check us out on! Subscribe and Rate us on iTunes:

Nintendo Unleashed – Episode 106: Breath in the Wild

This week Noah and Conor talk about Switch leaks, the new Pokemon Go update, Blazekick’s spoiler policy and more! *This episode was recorded on February 17, 2017 and edited by Conor.   Lego Dimensions Review: Visit our website! Check us out on! Subscribe and Rate us