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HITMAN: The Complete First Season | Review

As I saunter through the narrow pathways strewn throughout the Sapienza map, I’m searching for individual item placements, reading the routines of specific people whose outfits I could use. I’ve played this map dozens of times, yet I couldn’t even begin to tell you the best way to kill the

Nintendo Unleashed Podcast – Episode 103: Nintendo is Weird

This week on Nintendo Unleashed Conor and Noah are joined by Tyler to talk about Pokemon Duel, Nintendo’s weird marketing, and more! *This episode was recorded on January 27, 2017 and edited by Conor. Getting out of a Gaming Slump: Amazon and Netflix Don’t Understand Anime fans: Visit

Amazon and Netflix Don’t Understand Anime fans

When two giant companies both involved in streaming content start getting involved in anime that should be a good thing. Both Netflix and Amazon have way more money to spend than Crunchyroll so particularly when they get involved with the production that should certainly help. The problem is, both have

Editorial – Getting Out of a Gaming Slump

Have you ever felt burnt out on video games? If so, dear reader, you’ve experienced first hand a gaming slump. A gaming slump is when you’re at a point where you’re not really interested in playing any video game. You prefer to spend your precious time doing something else. This

Nintendo Unleashed – Episode 102: Switching to Fire Emblem

This week on Nintendo Unleashed Conor, Armz, and Noah talk about Switch details, Fire Emblem Warriors, Fire Emblem Heroes and Fire Emblem Echoes from the new Fire Emblem Direct! *This episode was recorded on January 20, 2017 and edited by Conor. Noah’s Reaction Video: Crunchyroll Anime Awards: What Went

“Overwatch” Reveals Next Holiday Event

Low and behold, the rumors are true; the next Overwatch holiday event is based on the Chinese New Year: Year of the Rooster! Earlier today, the North American and Korean Overwatch Twitter accounts posted some tweets revealing the new skin for Mei and D.Va, shown below.   🎊 Good luck and great fortune

Nintendo Unleashed – Episode 101: Switch Event 2017

This week on Nintendo Unleashed it’s all about the Switch event! Conor, Armz and Noah talk about all the things announced at Nintendo’s Switch event. *This episode was recorded on January 13, 2017 and edited by Conor. Switch Presentation Post-Discussion: Noah’s Reaction Video: Conor and Armz play Portal

Microsoft Studios Cancels “Scalebound” Production

Earlier today, Microsoft Studios has confirmed that the highly anticipated cooperative RPG Scalebound, developed by Platinum Games (known for The Wonderful 101 and the Bayonetta series), has been canceled. The reason for the cancellation isn’t all too clear, besides wanting to focus on other games such as State of Decay 2 and Halo Wars 2, among others. Microsoft stated,