Planetarian (Anime) Review

One of (if not the) first visual novel reviewed on Blazekick was for the, then recently released planetarian and if you need a quick refresher, I loved it. When Key launched a bunch of April Fools jokes including the announcement of a Planetarian anime I was hoping then we found it was real and being done by the director and studio behind JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure which is a great series for both manga readers and anime only fans I started getting super hyped. The series ended up receiving 5 episodes with makes sense with the length of the source but how does it stand up as an anime?


The story follows an unnamed man referred to as “The Junker” running from robots attacking him in some sort of post-apocalyptic world. He ends up an an old shopping mall and starts exploring for supplies and junk to sell off before making it to the roof. Here he ends up in an old planetarium and finds the robotic employee who has been given the name Yumemi Hoshino. Yumemi still believes the other employees are simply out on a vacation and will return and the rain is just keeping away customers. After agreeing to view a special projection The Junker finds out the planetarium’s projector (dubbed “Jena”) is broken and ends up deciding to help Yumemi fix it.

The Junker is a hardened character you often find leading post-apocalyptic shows however, since this is a Key story you know the cute girl he meets while end up changing this through the story. Resident cute girl, Yumemi, this time, (as previously mentioned) is a robot. She isn’t too different from say, last summer’s anime: School-Live‘s lead Yuki Takeya. Both characters work really well together as contrasts and actually develop through the story.


The visuals are great. David Production did an amazing job with the scenery as well as things such as showing Yumemi’s HUD while she’s talking or showing off clearly mechanical bits behind her eyes. The animation was also fairly fluid and the rain looked pretty good. The stars also looked amazing. Also thank you for the cutest thing in anime, rain coat Yumemi.

I gave the soundtrack much praise which will continue here with one minor exception. The ending song is really cheerful and upbeat but when it cuts in during episode 4 it seems extremely out of place. Episode 5 got around this by using a different song but I’m not sure if that song would have fit here either.

Written by: Conor

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