Pokémon Sun and Moon Reveal Starters, Release and Legendary Pokémon

Today Pokémon has released a trailer which showed the first gameplay of Pokémon Sun and Moon including the starters, the box legendary Pokemon, the region name and the release date.


The games will take place in the Alola region which clearly takes inspiration from real world Hawaii and will release in most regions November 18 2016 with Europe having to wait until November 23. The starters are as follows:


The first is an owl known as the Grass Quill Pokémon named Rowlet. Rowlet is Grass/Flying making it the first starter to start off dual type since Bulbasaur in Generation I. Like all Grass starters Rowlet has overgrow for its ability. Rowlet is 1’00” tall and weighs 3.3kg. It knows a new move Leafage.



The second is the Fire Cat Pokémon named Litten. Litten is pure Fire and has Blaze for its ability. Litten is 1’04” and weighs 9.5kg. It knows Ember.


Lastly is the Sea Lion Pokémon known as Popplio. Popplio is pure Water and has Torrent for its ability. Popplio is 1’04” and weighs 16.5kg. It knows Water Gun.


We also got a glimpse at the currently (officially) unnamed Pokémon that will appear on the box art as well as the Japanese trailer showing trainer customization will return. We also learn you receive your starter from a man named Hala. That’s all the news for now! Corocoro is unlikely to have anything new this month but stay tuned for more Pokémon Sun and Moon coverage as it comes.

Written by: Conor

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