Restaurant to Another World Review

Everyone eats food. One of the fun things about going to a different country is getting to try new foods, sometimes completely different styles of cooking than you would ever expect. Restaurant to Another World takes things a step further by taking place in a restaurant focusing on western food called “Nekoya” which 6 days a week is just a typical restaurant serving western food in Japan but every Saturday it closes for the Japanese people. Little do they know the restaurant sends doors to various other worlds and different creatures (as well as humans from other worlds) come in to eat.

The show takes place pretty much entirely on Saturdays and follows a basic format of introducing some new world, race or character, giving some backstory for them, having them stumble across the door, discover the restaurant, eat some food and instantly fall in love. There are a few differences which can be as simple as the character already knew about the restaurant to not even introducing a new character but focusing on previous ones but these exceptions are somewhat rare.

The main cast includes Master who owns the restaurant, Aletta a demon-girl who was unable to find work until she became a waitress at Nekoya and Kuro who is a dragon in human form and got a job as a waitress because she fell in love with curry rice but didn’t have money to buy it. There’s a number of other characters introduced (as I mentioned earlier) but this leads to my biggest problem with Restaurant to Another World. For the most part once a character’s episode is over they become background characters if they ever appear again. The reason this is a problem is the author is so good at creating interesting worlds, cultures and characters but they never get to develop or be fully fleshed out. Even Master, Aletta and Kuro frequently seem like side characters and never really develop.

The music is really nice with the opening track being one of my favourites. The general background music was good too. Visuals were pretty nice as well. Both the fantasy worlds and the food looked amazing.

This type of show is hard to review as it’s mostly episodic. The show was well written but I wish characters and worlds got more focus on them. If you just want to see various different character designs eat delicious looking food with some interesting worlds I’d suggest watching this. If you want a more focused show you might want to look elsewhere. 

Written by: Conor

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  • Matthew Hirst

    I have this in my queue both on CR and CR Manga, i want to give it a shot , based on your review its worth giving it a shot since its short and episodic means i don’t have pay too much attention to it overall. Do you know if the Manga plays a simular format to the Anime?

    Thanks for the review!