Rhythm Heaven Megamix Review

Rhythm games have always sparked my interest, but I would normally find a way to avoid them. Not because I necessarily hated them, but because I really didn’t think they would keep me entertained for hours on end. Of course, I was dead wrong. 2015 was the year that I finally gave rhythm games a chance, and it all started with Persona 4: Dancing All Night on the PlayStation Vita. From there I realized I had missed out on a really fun genre, and that lead me to try out several rhythm games. Now I found a new game to try out, and that is Rhythm Heaven Megamix for the Nintendo 3DS.

Megamix is my first Rhythm Heaven game. I’ve always known about this series, but I’ve always neglected to try it out, because I thought it was just another mini game collection like Wario Ware—which I’m not a huge fan of. Of course, Rhythm Heaven is indeed comprised of many mini games, but they’re music-based, and that makes the game more interesting to me.

All mini games in Megamix are fun and challenging, and take time to completely master. The game starts you off with easy mini games like “Karate Man” where you tap the A button to hit items thrown at you at the right time and “Rhythm Tweezers” where you have to pluck hairs of various vegetables. The early mini games are great to get used to the game and to improve your rhythm, and this makes the game really accessible to any kind of player. Now to those that are looking for a challenge in this game, you’ll be happy to hear that you’ll definitely find it. As you make your way through the mini games, you’ll find more elaborate games that provide a challenge.


Rhythm Heaven Megamix has a story mode that follows you, the player, and a kid(?) with a pink afro that has fallen from Heaven World named Tibby. Your role in this story is to help Tibby find a way back to Heaven World, and the only way to do it is to is the restore the flow of the various places you visit. By restoring the flow, I mean to play mini games, of course. Every area you visit in the game has four mini games for you to complete, and by doing so you’ll be able travel to a different area.


The story mode is just there for you enjoy. You might find yourself skipping through the dialogue just to get to the mini games. However, I do not recommend doing that as you’ll miss out on some great and funny moments. I actually enjoyed the story for what it is, a fun and joyous adventure.

Megamix has a multiplayer mode called the challenge mode. In this mode you and up to four friends can play through a selection of mini games. The goal is to make it to the end of the set of three (sometime four) games as a team. This mode is actually worth trying out because when clearing a challenge, you’re rewarded with Flow Balls that can be spent to unlock extra mini games. Challenge mode can be played using only one copy of the game, the other three players have to use download play to access this mode. You can also tackle Challenge Mode solo.


In addition of the story mode and challenge mode, you can spend time in a Café where you can buy collectables with the coins earned for completing mini games. In the Café you can also play a pachinko game where you get to feed goat. Megamix features the dual audio, so if you want to switch from English audio to Japanese audio you’re free to do so.


Rhythm Heaven Megamix turned out to be one of my favorite games I’ve played this year, and just one of my favorite Nintendo 3DS games. With its over 100+ mini games to try out and its fantastic music it makes it one of the best rhythm games I’ve gotten the chance to play. I know this is high praise, but I really think it deserves it. No other rhythm game kept me smiling throughout the entire game. In the end, I firmly believe Rhythm Heaven Megamix is a special kind of game, the kind of game that deserves to be experienced and not looked down on for just being a mini game collection. It’s a must own for any Nintendo 3DS owner.

Written by: Armando Orona

Aspiring journalist, College student with a dream of writing about video games for a living.