Rumor: Leaked Nintendo Direct Information

I received an Email with details on the Nintendo Direct happening today. I didn’t believe it as it’s April Fool’s Day so but I decided to humor the sender by reading. When I read the start “So I did some talking…” I knew it was legit. The person only gave 3 things to look forward to so I’ll waste no more time in delivering them Directly to you!

  1. Nintendo has noticed how much better the 3DS is selling than the Wii U and they decided it must be due to games. All Wii U games are now cancelled and all focus is going into porting every 3DS game to the system. They also announce the New Wii U and New Wii U XL. Both systems will feature 37 buttons on the gamepad and the New Wii U XL’s gamepad will have swappable faceplates. Nintendo of America says they heard our cries for the New 3DS so North America is only getting the New Wii U XL!
  2. Nintendo has noticed how the Zelda amiibo are in far less demand than Wii Fit Trainer so they are moving Aonuma to produce Wii Fit 3D set to release Summer 2015.
  3. The next Wave of amiib is announced. Includes Blue Mario, Green Mario, Green Skinny and Taller Mario, Pink Mario, Female Mario and Pink Gold Peach. This wave will be exclusively available through eBay user “mariotehplumber” with a MSRP of $5896.67 + shipping and handling.


We hope you’re all excited for the Direct and don’t believe too many fake April Fool’s gags!


Written by: Conor

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