Saekano♭ How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend.flat Review

Back in my review of Saekano’s first season I said:

There also isn’t proper closure as I mentioned so many loose ends have been left and they didn’t even finish the game. If there’s a second season that fixes all this I’ll gladly retract my complaints but as it stands, with only the possibility but not even a hint, I’m going to have to leave it with a complaint of not wrapping up the story properly.

leaving with a 5.5/10 (this was back when I still scored anime) and, while I chose Kancolle as the worst winter 2015 anime I still had this to say:

Worst: Kantai Collection: KanColle: I went back and forth between this and Saekano before settling.

Despite my harshness on the show I did enjoy it (would I have cared about the amount of loose ends if I didn’t?) so did season 2 fix season 1’s issues or did it just prolong them for a (probably never going to happen) third season?

Well first thing is they did finish their game. About halfway through the season too which I found interesting. So that’s my main complaint right there out of the way. Unfortunately as it was been 15 months and I didn’t mention what the other loose ends were I can’t really comment on if the rest were resolved or not.

Moving into this season itself this season is a direct continuation of the previous season. One issue I thought would arise from finishing the game halfway is the remainder of the show would feel a lot weaker as that was their goal or they’d start a second game and repeat the same issue. Without spoiling I will say the second half of this season was the much stronger half featuring some pretty strong development for the heroines. Tomoya even has a couple episodes where he’s absent for a fair chunk.

I liked Megumi a lot more in this season than I previously did. I’m betting this is due to the arc she goes through immediately after the sale of the game and the development she receives due to it. I also found Eriri more enjoyable and Utaha less (and I wasn’t a big fan of her in the first place).

The visuals are the same as last season which was great. Tomoya’s room was updated to include figures and posters for more recent shows like Haifuri and Rewrite although stuff like Sword Art Online and Madoka Magica remain. I also really liked the ending song although the opening felt a little generic to me. The soundtrack itself was pretty good as well with a number of insert songs (especially the ones in the finale).

One complaint I do have is yet again Michiru is absent for half the season. This time it’s the second half and the finale even makes a joke about it. I want to like her as she’s a fun character but I feel the show is actively trying to make me not.

The second season of Saekano basically fixed my issues with the first. While I’d say overall the shows were about the same level of enjoyment there isn’t an major loose-ends in this season like season 1 however the ending is left open for a potential continuation. If you wanted to try the series but was turned off by the ending of season 1 I would strongly suggest giving it a chance now.

Written by: Conor

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