School-Live! Volume 2 Review


Author: Norimitsu Kaihou

Art: Sadoru Chiba

English Publisher: Yen Press

English Release: February 23 2016

Volume 2 picks up with a new character who was teased at the end of the last volume. This character’s name in Miki and right off the bat we see her following a school like schedule in what appears to be a secluded room with flashbacks of what appears to be Miki and her friend (who we later learn is named Kei) at a shopping mall when the zombies showed up. There’s alternations between current and past events until Kei is shown leaving this room and Miki breaks down.

Back at the school Yuki wakes everyone up saying she has an idea that she’ll tell them in the morning (pissing off Kurumi) which turns out to be going on a field trip. Yuri and Kurumi agree because they need supplies and are running out or wouldn’t be at a school anyway and take Megu-nee’s car. Megu-nee is strangely absent from this volume. They arrive at the mall and eventually find Miki. Yuki has some strange flash of Megu-nee and runs to save her.

I mentioned in my review of volume 1 just how different the anime is and the manga furthers that. For one Miki was with the group from the start in the anime (as well as another character who has yet to show up) but many events either don’t happen in the anime or were done differently (Megu-nee went on the trip in the anime) A chapter I really liked was also completely cut from the anime that had Kurumi stopping by her house on the way to the mall.

The chapter length was also a lot more consistent than volume 1. One interesting thing was even if the page lengths were different Kaihou-sensei adjusted the amount of text telling the story with just Chiba’s art which worked quite well for some scenes.

I found this volume a lot more enjoyable than the previous. I think this is due to the manga and anime being quite different at this point compared to volume 1 where the anime improved on pretty much everything while here there were a lot of things done better or different in the manga. If you were like me and that caused you to skip out on getting this volume I’d suggest picking it up.

Written by: Conor

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