School-Live! Volume 3 Review



Author: Norimitsu Kaihou

Art: Sadoru Chiba

English Publisher: Yen Press

English Release: May 24 2016



In volume 3 we’re back at the school and this is where Miki really starts learning about those that saved her. Very quickly Miki gets annoyed over Yuki’s “delusions” confronting Kurumi and Yuri about it. They tell her to drop it since her acting like that somewhat helps them too but she just can’t. The majority of the volume follows Miki and Yuki and I really disliked this arc. I understand Miki was actually surviving in a mall and lost her best friend while these 3 have been living in relative comfort but she acts like a massive bitch, going out of her way (even purposely putting herself in danger) to get Yuki to stop “acting”. While I did dislike the arc I liked the ending with Yuki talking to Miki about how she’s dumb and doesn’t understand anything. This conversation added quite a bit of growth for both characters.

I did find the pacing really awkward through the volume. Chapters 13-16 are the Yuki/Miki arc with 17 introducing (finally!) Taroumaru with the last bit of 17 and 18 having an arc that could have lasted a lot longer. While it’s hard to get into this without spoilers I felt Taroumaru’s arc could have last a lot longer than half a chapter (the anime has almost nothing in common with it by the way) and the events in chapter 18 went by far quicker than they should have, especially with how long the Miki/Yuki arc was.

This volume was a lot harder for me to enjoy than the 2nd. It was similar to the first where the anime stuck just closely enough for stuff to be noticeably different (and like volume 1, better). I’d really only recommend buying this volume if you haven’t seen the anime or are fine with it being a slightly worse version. At this point it’s probably better to wait until volume 5 (chapter 30 specifically) when the anime ends so you have new content.

Written by: Conor

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