School-Live Volume 4 Review


Author: Norimitsu Kaihou

Art: Sadoru Chiba

English Publisher: Yen Press

English Release: August 30 2016.

There seems to be a pattern with these volumes, with the odd volumes the anime stuck fairly close while with even it strays quite a bit. The similar or same elements don’t feel outdone by the anime in this volume either. So, what’s happening? Well Kurumi returns after being bit by Megu-nee which affects everyone differently. Yuuri has a mental break down, Miki steps up to go get the medicine Megu-nee was near and Yuki, while not changing her role of supporting the mental stability of the group is also shown breaking with a really well done scene in chapter 21.

Once Kurumi has survived the group starts talks of trying to lure survivors to the school which is cut with scenes of a group with hazmat suits and a helicopter. This especially piqued my interest as nothing of the sort happened in the anime and I know we still have a bit to go before the anime ends.

We also get some Megu-nee backstory, both before the zombies happened and at some point after but before her death. The volume also ends with an 11 page journal by Megu-nee which gives some interesting insight on Kurumi, Yuuri and Yuki before we really met them but after the attack as well as about Megu-nee herself (keep in mind, we only really know about her what Yuki imagines her to still be like and some minor other traits with short backstory) which was pretty nice.

This was a pretty pleasant read and I’m really looking forward to the next release to (hopefully) learn who that girl at the end of the anime is and if she has any relation to the hazmat group (or that voice over the radio).

Written by: Conor

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