Scream Fortress 6 Has Actually Arrived



For those who have been playing the hit first-person shooter, Team Fortress 2 (created by Valve Software), you would have seen that Halloween arrived to those at Mann Co.. This update included the past five Scream Fortress updates which allowed players, new and old, to get items from the years gone by.

But, now, we can finally play the much awaited 2014 Scream Fortress. Merasmus makes a return to pit the Red team versus the Blu team to create the best dead carnival ever! Players get placed in a Halloween-themed Doomsday where they have to play the game mode Special Delivery, a game where you carry a briefcase of Australium to a rocket before the enemy team. With spells aplenty, it’s quite the mayhem.

When either team wins, they are given special bonuses in one of three carnival games (similar to what happens in the 2013 Halloween update). You play in bumper cars where you toss each other over the platforms, play soccer, or fight for duck supremacy. I know, sounds weird, doesn’t it? Whichever team wins the carnival game, wins everything.

Now, it wouldn’t be a true Halloween event without achievements and items made special for the occasion, right? When you start up the game, you get a special Cauldron that contains three cosmetic items, one being Haunted and Strange. To stop the item-farmers, they even gave people an opportunity to receive another one by doing an achievement. But, unfortunately, the ability to go out and find the items every three hours has been taken out completely this year.

With 6 achievements, 50 cosmetic pieces, and 1 weapon, there’s a ton of things that need to be grabbed before the event ends on November 11th. So, what are you doing reading this, still? Get onto Team Fortress 2 and play to your hearts content! (My Steam is Gemini, by the way)

Written by: GeminiTrinity

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