Sekai Project Announces New Projects

Today Sekai Project announced a few new projects. Firstly is Hitomebore, released 2014, based around Sachi Usui who has a single eye and is “covered in wounds”, Kokonoe Kokoro which released in 2013 with the tagline “what does it truly mean to fall in love with someone?” and is a dating sim based around what’s inside a monster girl’s heart. I hadn’t heard of either of them so I’m unfortunately going off some low quality screens I’ve seen of their panel so please excuse any errors (everything should be fine but I’m not 100% sure on “Usui”.).

Finally one I can be a little more sure of is a Visual Novel called “Ame no Mariginal” which is, similarly to Nekopara Vol. 1, releasing simultaneously in the west as Japan. There is an official website up that can you can check out here. It’s about a man (I believe named Rain Marginal but I might be wrong) who steps in an elevator and is someone transported to a mysterious world with no time, aging, hunger or death. The only other person there, Rin, tells him to get out. It is expected to release mid-late 2015 and you can currently pre-order to get both a Steam Key and DRM free version on the website.

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Written by: Conor

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