Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai Review


I’ve had a habit of picking at least one anime per season purely on title alone (How to Raise a Boring Girl Friend, Is it Wrong to Pick-up Girl’s in the Dungeon?) which is exactly what happened with Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist. So far I’ve had one success and one failure with this method so let’s see if I succeeded this time or if I should stop (I probably won’t) picking based on title.


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Shimoneta takes place in an alternate version of Japan where they are squeaky clean. This means porn has been banned, children don’t receive proper sex education (or any for that matter) and even includes things such as banning words (including cursing). This is accomplished by a device worn around everyone’s necks that constantly listens to what they’re saying and if it detects a banned word it raises an alarm to the decency squad who shows and deals with the problem. Of course with a government like what Shimoneta has set up we aren’t just going to see the porn readers taken away, instead we see the Decency Squad burn down an entire building in the first episode’s opening scene to get rid of some dirty magazines.

Our protagonist is Tanukichi Okuma. A first-year high school student who went from one of the worst middle schools to a very uptight high school in order to follow a senpai he admires. On his way to his first day he saves a man being accused of molesting some woman, who we later learn is Raiki Gouriki, a member of the student council, and the train station is attacked by an erotic terrorist by the name of Blue Snowball. She’s yelling profanities as well as throwing dirty pictures and when the Decency Squad attempts to stop her she reveals all she’s wearing is panties on her head and a sheet over her body so if they touch her they’ll expose her to the world. Eventually at school Tanukichi is recruited to the student council to help them see lewd things around the school and we’re introduced to the rest of the council. Anna Nishikinomiya is the president and the senpai Tanukichi followed as well as, Ayame Kajou. We later find she is Blue Snowball and she recruits Tanukichi into her erotic terrorist group SOX because he is the son of a famous erotic terrorist. Other characters include: Hyouka Fuwa who is a scientist at the school invested in finding out exactly how sex works, Otome Saotome who is an honor student and amazing artist that ends up being recruited to SOX to draw hentai and Kosuri Onigashira who is the daughter of another erotic terrorist and decides to help SOX.


The characters are all pretty interesting. My favourite is the yandere Anna but that does open up a complaint. Before she sneaks into Tanukichi’s room she hates all indecent things yet after that she’s never in a scene where she isn’t doing something lewd or perverted to try and win over Tanukichi. While it wasn’t too big of a deal to me it was jarring with one episode she’s acting all clean yet the very next one opens with her making cookies for Tanukichi and Ayame with Tanukichi’s containing her very own “love nectar”. I did prefer her yandere persona and found her goody-goody to be boring though.

One thing I really liked about the show was its obvious social commentary on how society views sex in general. Pretty much every dirty word is censored. This includes words I know I’ve heard in other anime such as “boobs” or “sex”. I was expecting a show just saying dirty jokes every few seconds, and while that does happen, it actually has a plot and does cover different issues that arise with over censorship. Clearly people were offended as parents still complained despite it airing late at night in Japan and everything censored that would possibly be an issue.

If I had any complaints Kosuri did get introduced quite late and felt fairly pointless until the main climactic battle. The start was also a bit slow but nothing felt like filler and it all worked towards character development and the eventual main conflict. Other than that there wasn’t really any glaring flaws.



If you’ve seen a show by JC Staff you’ll probably know what to expect. Some people like their visuals and others don’t. I personally do but do feel like they could have been better. They’re basically in that “good enough” sector for me. Character Designs are something I often forget to talk about but I actually really liked them. In this type of show I’d expect all the girls to have huge breasts but Anna and Ayame are the only ones (Ayame is even debatable). Kosuri’s head also looks like a penis head which they don’t hesitate to remind us (usually in a humorous manner). Fan service was also in relative control given the context. Obviously there’s tons of panties (SOX members and the antagonistic team use them as masks) but there’s very few up skirts.



Sound was done very well. Both opening and ending songs are catchy and sound like something you’d hear from a 80’s superhero cartoon which I felt was strangely fitting. The inserts were also good and fit within the context of the scene. Character voices also all fit but I wouldn’t say I was a fan of them. I know Kosuri is supposed to be the “Imouto lolli” character but her voice was a little high pitch and annoying. I also found Hyouka and Anna’s voices hard to tell apart at times (only rarely as Hyouka’s character never shows emotion). I also found it weird that Otome sounded like an old lady but yet again it somehow fit her character.

Written by: Conor

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