Sly Cooper and the Thieveus Raccoonus (Sly Cooper Collection) Review


Sly Cooper and the Thieveus Raccoonus

            Developer(s):Sucker Punch Productions

            Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment 

            Platforms: PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3(HD Collection)

Growing up I never had the honor or chance of owning a PlayStation 2 since I never saw the appeal of owning one when Nintendo had my soul in their possession during that period in my life. But when I would go over to my friends house I was shown some of the games he had for the PS2 and I can truly say I wasn’t interested or impressed. But that all changed when he put in Sly Cooper: and the Thievius Raccoonus. It wasn’t Mario or Pokemon or Zelda, It was something I hadn’t seen  before and after some tragic events that ended our friendship, I kinda forgot about everything associated with that friend.

But much like most of the other games I got in early 2013, the Sly Cooper Collection was one of them. I was finally able to actually play through the whole series and experience the storyline that I could never progress in as a little kid. But the sequels are going to have to wait, this review is about the first game in the series, Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.

  • Gameplay

SLY-COOPER-1The story goes as such, after Sly looses his father and his family heirloom known as the Thievius Raccoonus to a gang of villains known as Fiendish Five. So Sly is sent into an orphanage where he meets a turtle named Bentley and a hippo named Murray. They grow up together, becoming best friends and eventually becoming known as the Sly Cooper Gang. They are often pursued by Interpol Inspector Carmeltia Fox, who plays a sort of love interest that Sly flirts with during the game. The story of this installment is great and sets the foundation for great character development. But, though the story of this game is great, it’s lacks a major fact, length.

The game is actually very short and can be beaten in a maybe an 8 hour long play session. But for a short game they try to fit in as many different types of gameplay ranging from Rhythm gaming to an Asteroids type game for Bentley to even a racing game for Murray (Hi Conor ;D ). Sometimes it feels like they tried to do so much and they did too much almost.For example, There are bottles to be collected that unlock power ups that help you throughout the game but by the time you get them, the obstacle that it helps you with will never really appear again. The controls are alright at times but sometimes Sly just doesn’t want to listen which can result in a cheap death since in this game it’s ONE.HIT.DEATH. Unless you have the horseshoe then you have 2 or 3 hits depending on which one you have. As much as I love the story of Sly 1 most of the things in this game are just garbage.

  • Graphics

There really isn’t anything special about the graphics in this game. The cel-shaded graphics were alright for it’s time I guess but in the HD collection you can only notice one difference and that is it’s brighter. Comparing it to the original game I’m sure they maybe messed with it more but the only noticeable thing,at least to me, is the areas,characters and such look brighter and a little sharper.

  • Sound

The tracks in this game are(other than the story) are probably the best part of this game. The tracks played in each levels fit the overall stage. If you’re in a swamp type level thats set in the south, they’ll be a lot of Louisiana type themes that show up in the tracks.Other than that, the themes are generally suspenseful or give you a sort of stealth feeling to the game.

  •  Conclusion

Overall I would say that this game didn’t age all that well. It could just be me being a kid at the time of first playing this, thinking it was amazing. But now that I’m older I see that the game isn’t really anything special outside of having “typical sucker punch humor” and a neat soundtrack. I only recommend picking this game up if you want to play one of the ps2 mascots.





Written by: Zetus Lapetus Jafar