Smash Saturday: Pokeballs

Welcome back to Smash Saturday! This week I’ll be looking at characters I think would be interesting as Pokeballs I feel both of these are very nice items as they add characters that never would really have a chance to be in Smash Bros to the game. This won’t be any sort of “top 5 or 10” list just characters I think would work.



I know people were really pumped for him to be playable before Mewtwo’s resurrection in X and Y but I never really was. Zoroark is a very gimmicky Pokemon with Illusion and I’m not sure how that would work as a fighter. As a pokeball he can come out as either the player that sent him out or the player in last (Zoroark’s illusion takes the Pokemon last in your party) place and attacks who ever didn’t send him out with the standard attacks of the character he’s taken over. I’m not sure how long this would last but I think it would work better as a Pokeball than a player.



This is mainly if he isn’t playable. I feel he is really popular and does deserve to be in someway (I was actually surprised he wasn’t a Pokeball in Brawl) He’d probably be in his normal form opposed to mega as there really isn’t a reason to have to megas besides promotion. He’d probably just use Psychic or Shadow Ball, maybe Psystrike. Again I just kind of want to see him represented.


Kanto Mega Evolutions:

This is assuming Pokemon Trainer either doesn’t return or uses different Pokemon. I don’t mean all 3 at once but as separate Pokemon I just don’t want to write 3 or 4 things for them. They are popular and do have interesting potential for a Pokeball (they, as normal forms, have all been in Pokeballs in the past as well). My only problem is Charizard had to get two. I’m not sure if I’d prefer both have a chance of spawning, both at the same time or just flat out pick one.



Notice a pattern of popular Pokemon? Haxorus looks really bad ass and I’d like to see him in the game somehow. I’m honestly not sure what he’d do that really any other Dragon Pokemon could do but he is just cool. I really have no other reason as with a later Pokemon.



No idea why but I love him but he is one of my favourite Pokemon ever. That is literally it. I’m probably the only one that wants him but hey, that’s one more than Goldeen has!


So those are some of my choices. Who do you want to see made into a Pokeball? Who would work well or you just think is cool?

Written by: Conor

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